Varied Editions

Alex Thompson

Varied Editions Featured Artist


February 15, 2018March 17, 2018
Core. Photo-etching. 11" x 15". 2017

Through the use of drawing, copperplate etching, and sculptural installations, Alex Thompson’s work posits that a degree of how personal identities are formed is filtered through experiences in immediate relationship with our surroundings.

Thompson’s work endeavours to act as a mirror, representing the ever-shifting sense of self that individuals occupy within the urban environment, itself a continuously changing notion. In creating a body of architectural self-portraiture from his own oeuvre of personal knowledge, he uses referents that substitute similar structures within the viewer’s experiences (schools, high-rises, offices,etc.). These spaces are presented as layered, translucent constructs, hanging somewhere between tangible, real-world structures and ethereal representations that house our processes of self-determination. Thompson’s work serves to influence its immediate surroundings, floating and coalescing in the moment of viewing, before drifting back out of focus.

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