Renter Mentor

The purpose of our Renter Mentor program is to initiate artists who are not renters into the procedures, resources and community of Open Studio, and to encourage artists who are already renters to gain experience and develop skills in another area of the studio. The Renter Mentor program is best suited to artists with some previous experience in printmaking.

How it works:

  • The Mentor will give a minimum of 30 hrs of their time to help the Artist understand the rules, procedures and techniques the Artist wishes to learn.
  • The Mentor should introduce the artist to the community of Open Studio.
  • Artist and Mentor will schedule their work periods together.
  • The Artist will access the Studio only with the mentor present.
  • The Mentor will receive one free month rent but will pay the supply fee.
  • The Artist will pay one month rent and the supply fee.
  • The Artist will share locker and paper-drawer storage with the Mentor.
  • The Mentor must fulfill contracted arrangements with Artist.
  • The Mentor will give their recommendation to the Technical Director as to whether the artist is at the appropriate technical level to rent on their own.

If you have further questions, or would like to participate in the Renter Mentor program, please contact us.