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Sirkku Ketola’s A Body Called Paula: Printmaking Embodied in Performance.

Sirkku Ketola will meet with the audience to gather feedback for the next iteration of A Body Called Paula
 during an Artist/Audience Conversation Drop-in: Wednesday, March 1, 4:00 – 5:00pm Part installation, part performance, this work evolves with each new appearance. In A Body Called Paula, Ketola’s printed ribbons meander and droop, physically marking out space […]

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Dave Dyment’s Substitute City: Printed Live at Open Studio’s Artist Proof Sale

This year, at Open Studio, we are so fortunate to have an artwork by Dave Dyment, commissioned specially for our annual Artist Proof Sale on December 1st. Substitute City is an altered transit map of Toronto, which includes fictional subway stops erected by film and television crews. Painstakingly researched, the graphic screenprint introduces three new lines and […]

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Shogo Okada in Action: Live Screenprint Demonstrations at Editions 2016

Written by Cheryl Kaplan Shogo Okada’s work is a fascinating glimpse into the considerations of an artist born and raised in the 80’s and 90’s in Japan. Raised on both Eastern and Western animation, he manages to establish a connection among contemporary cultures, such as hip-hop and youth culture, with a nod to the histories […]