How to Access the Studio

  • Artist Member Rokeya Sultana working in etching.
  • Artist Member Brianna Tosswill working in letterpress.
  • Artist Member Samsam Elmi working in screenprinting.
  • Artist Member Alex Thompson working in etching.
  • Artist Member Victoria Day screenprinting.
  • Artist Member Tyler Bright-Hilton working in etching.
  • Artist Members, Rachael Dodgson (L) and Jessica Palmer (R) screenprinting outdoors.
  • Artist Members Laine Groeneweg (L) and Agata Derda (R) working on a linocut project.

Please note that the studio facilities are temporarily closed due to the pandemic. If you have questions, email the Technical Director at Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Open Studio is located in the 401 Richmond (suite #104) arts-and-culture hub in downtown Toronto. We are a spacious (6,000 sq/ft) and barrier-free facility that incorporates traditional and new printmaking techniques (including screenprinting, lithography and intaglio/relief printing. Check out our print glossary for details). For more information about our studio and equipment, please click here. Interested in seeing a virtual tour of the facilities? Click here.

Our priority is to support artists in the creation and exhibition of contemporary print in an open-minded, inclusive, safe and collaborative environment. 


Open Studio is a member-based, artist-run centre. Artists from Canada and abroad enjoy the many benefits of membership, including discounts to art supply stores, workshops, studio rental rates and opportunities for exhibitions and professional development. With the goal of becoming more inclusive and welcoming we have decided that membership will be available to all those who express interest, regardless of active studio use. We recognize that studio access is very limited during this precarious time.

Those interested in accessing our studio facilities must hold current membership (see below about studio access). You can view our current list of members here.

Step 1: Book a Portfolio Meeting

To access the printmaking studio facilities, an artist should have some technical knowledge to work safely and independently in the space. Interested artists are asked to book a meeting with the Technical Director. During your session, the Technical Director will go over your experience in printmaking and get a sense of your technical abilities and the area(s) of the studio you wish to access.

Your portfolio should consist of 6 pieces of original print work. If you wish to work in more than one area of the studio, please bring six pieces for each medium. To schedule a meeting, please email.

Step 2: Studio Orientation + Membership

Open Studio is meant to be a safe, open and collaborative studio space. After your initial portfolio review, you will be asked to book a studio orientation with the Technical Director before working in the studio. While the Technical Director does not work one-on-one with artists, you are welcome to book a private instruction session with one of our collaborative printers.

Members pay a yearly membership fee of $100 and a studio rental fee (we have a variety of rental options, including day passes, monthly etc.).

New members will be asked to work during technical staff hours (typically: Monday – Friday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm) until they are comfortable using the studio. After regular and continued studio use new members can request fob/key access to the studio to gain full access.

When you apply and/or renew your membership we will provide you with a membership card and the latest list of benefits and requirements. Membership renewals occur annually (between September – November), and the current rate is set at $100 with a 25% discount offered to recent post-secondary graduates. To renew, please click below.

Step 3: Studio Rental Rates

We provide access to our printmaking studio through a variety of rental options. Please read the terms & conditions at the bottom of this page concerning rental rates. Studio rent covers all in-house materials such as acids, solvents, cleaning solutions, rags, and any other chemicals required. The studio rental rates do not exceed the operating costs of the studio and therefore are exempt from tax.

Day pass = $35
5 Day passes (booklet) = $150
1 Month pass = $200
1 Year rent = $1,200
1 Year rent = $100/Month recurring subscription for $1,200 a year total
Members can also rent a flat-file drawer or locker at $25 per month or $75 per year

Studio Rent Terms & Conditions

  • Anyone wishing to book the studio must use a full day pass (no half-day passes)
  • Approved artists must fill out and sign our usage policies document.
  • Must have an up-to-date $100 annual membership fee.
  • Monthly passes run a consecutive 30 days.
  • Individual day passes expire one year from the time of purchase.
  • All facility rental purchases are final sale; no refunds, credits or substitutions for any unused portions of pre-paid rental purchases or lost or stolen day passes.
  • Prices are subject to change.

Common Questions

I’ve never done printmaking but I want to become a member? Can I?
Yes! We are always happy to welcome new members. You do not have to use our facility to qualify for membership.

If I want to use the studio, do I need to become a member?
Yes, membership gives you a lot of added benefits including discounts at various art stores and access to special submission calls. Membership is renewed annually.

Do I need formal education in print to access the studio?
You do not have to have a formal academic printmaking background in order to access the studio. Members must be able to print on their own safely in a shared studio space. If you need more hands-on time in a print studio, our education program is a great way to become familiar with printmaking. Our classes offer the fundamentals of printmaking and are geared toward beginners and advanced printmakers. 

I have a printmaking background but it’s been a while since I practiced. What can I do to brush-up on my skills and gain access?
Consider taking one of our education classes, which are open to the public, and are a great way to start accessing the studio. If you’re looking for a quick refresh, you could also book private instruction or take an open session class. Our open session classes take place after-hours and are meant to be a bridge into the studio. Often open session classes are attended by those who have taken some of our classes and/or want some supervision before working on their own in the print studio.

Can I access all of the studio?
Yes, we’re an open-access barrier-free studio! However, your portfolio must show technical skill in each area you want to use. 

We’re here to make the experience a great one for you and want to instil a love of printmaking in your life. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable working in the studio independently and to become a part of our great print community.

I’m Ready to Schedule a Meeting!

To schedule a meeting, please email.