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Act Now for the Future of Print

To the Open Studio community,

We need your help.

Open Studio’s 50th anniversary in 2020 was supposed to be so much more, a celebration, a reinvigoration, a chance to look back and to look forward. And then came COVID-19.

Exhibitions cancelled. A prestigious international visiting artist residency cancelled. Our biggest fundraiser, months in the planning, postponed.

Open Studio’s amazing artistic legacy would not have been possible without support from generous donors and our community. Now we need you more than ever. Please help us to ensure that our 50th year is not our last. Yes, it’s that dire.

Staff, Board, and Open Studio artists are doing all they can to seize funding opportunities, create new revenue streams, and make informed financial decisions for the future of Open Studio. But we can’t weather this storm without your help.

If you are able, we encourage you to consider becoming a donor or increasing your gifts to Open Studio—every donation makes a difference. All supporters who donate $50 or more still receive a custom-made pin designed by Artist Annyen Lam. Additionally, all Collectors’ Circle Donors, ($1,000 or more) will receive a limited-edition print from our Print Subscription Program. The next print available is by artist Winnie Truong. All donations are tax-deductible.

Perks aside, donations made today will have a huge impact on Open Studio’s survival and ability to continue our mission of supporting artists in the creation and exhibition of original, contemporary print art.

Open Studio has printed for 50 years and with your support, we will print again.

Thank you deeply for your time, and in advance for your support.


Steven Murray
Chair of the Board of Directors


Investing in our future means ensuring that Open Studio remains at the forefront of contemporary print. An important aspect of fulfilling our mission is to provide artists like, Nix Burox, with vital scholarship opportunities.

Here, artist member and 2018 Don Phillips Scholar Heather Thomson is washing her photo-plate as our 2019 Don Phillips Scholar Nix Burox watches and learns.

Nix shares the impact of the Don Phillips Scholarship on their life beyond the free studio access and a generous allowance for materials, which lifted a big portion of the financial burden of investing in their artistic practice.

“Beyond the financial and technical benefits, the Don Phillips Scholarship has been a great help in regards to offering a space within its walls and community. It has allowed me to interact with other artists and allowed for creative exchange and feedback, which are inherent aspects of formal art education that are much harder to find outside of university. The residency helped me create personal and professional connections and has in turn led to many other opportunities within both the Open Studio community and the wider Toronto arts community.”

– Nix Burox, Don Phillips Scholar 2018-19


Already a monthly donor? Your support is vital now more than ever. If your situation allows it, we hope you will find it in your heart to make a small increase of $5 to your monthly donation to support the community through this unpredictable time.

Not able to donate? If you’re looking for other ways to support Open Studio consider supporting our artists by making a print purchase in the Open Studio Shop. Or purchase a gift card now to be used for studio rent, classes, prints, or supplies at a later date.

It is a difficult and unprecedented time. Thank you deeply for your support and your consideration. Please spread the word, share our story, and take an active role in ensuring Open Studio’s survival. Act now for the future of print.

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