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Artist Q&A with Liz Menard


Written by Amrita Chandra

This is the first post in a new series where we profile Open Studio artists. Today, meet Liz Menard. For more on Liz you can also view her prints for sale at Open Studio.

How long have you been a member at Open Studio?

Since about 2008.

What medium do you work in?

Etching, collograph, letterpress and silkscreen.

What is inspiring and influencing your art practice lately?

Our environment: natural and built, urban and rural.

What do you listen to while you are working/creating?

A mix of classical and contemporary music, if anything. I prefer to listen to the sounds of studio when I’m working, unless it becomes too noisy and distracting.

Is there another Open Studio artist whose work you covet?

If you are asking what Open Studio artist’s work has inspired me, then my answer would be Lotti Thomas. Lotti’s mastery of technique is superb and her subject material is fascinating.

What do you like best about Open Studio?

I love the atmosphere, working alongside friends and exploring new ideas.

What is one of your favourite art books?

The Complete Printmaker
by John Ross, Clare Romano and Tim Ross.

This is the best reference book that I have found for a variety of printmaking techniques.

Liz Menard - Studio
In the studio.

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