Yana Gagne

Artist Board Member

Yana Gagne had a tough decision as a teenager – follow her passion (art) or, in her young mind, get a “good” job. After seriously considering going to OCAD, her pragmatic side won and she went on to earn a math degree from the University of Waterloo. A successful career in finance followed, culminating in raising capital from private equity markets to co-found Aurigen Reinsurance Company in 2007. All good, exciting even, but she hadn’t forgotten about her passion. In 2015, Yana made the decision to step away from the corporate world and focus on art. She now has a Digital Media Certificate from OCADu and has taken screenprinting and letterpress printing classes at Open Studio. Yana became an artist member in 2018, participated in her first Artist Proof Fundraiser and volunteers her time regularly.