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Capital One Exhibition: Abstract Women Artists from Open Studio


Libby Hague, Push: Pull…crisscross, 2012, woodcut with collage, acrylic, thread and ribbon on paper, 1/1.

Open Studio is excited to present a group exhibition curated by Tracey Capes at Capital One Bank and Astrid Ho, from Open Studio. The exhibition is fittingly titled: Abstract Women Artists from Open Studio and features work by the following 15 women artists from Open Studio’s consignment collection:

1. Yael Brotman
2. Laura Bydlowska
3. Carlina Chen
4. Susan Collett
5. Susan Cunningham
6. Pamela Dodds
7. Elizabeth Forrest
8. Anna Gaby-Trotz
9. Libby Hague
10. Isabelle Hémard
11. Astrid Ho
12. Lorna Livey
13. Loree Ovens
14. Irina Schestakowich
15. Ann Unger

Curator Tracey Capes write the following about the exhibition:

The intention with this exhibition is to highlight the achievements of women artists who create abstract art. Since the start of the feminist movement (late 1960s), times have changed making it possible for larger numbers of women to work professionally as artists. Historically their work was often dismissed in the male dominated art world, and this was especially true for female artists working in abstraction. Abstract art created by men dominated artistic practice in the second half of the 20th century even though women artists were an active part of this movement. Today, many women artists continue to explore abstraction as a form of communication. This exhibition highlights and celebrates one group of women artists who in the 21st century, have pursued interest in the field of abstraction and have a strong supporting network through Open Studio, Toronto.

The reception for Abstract Women Artists from Open Studio will take place on September 18th from 3:00pm – 5:00pm and will be held on the 18th floor at 161 Bay Street in Toronto. Please RSVP by emailing If you are not able to make it to the opening you can schedule You can also schedule a meeting to see the work by emailing


Selection of work on display.
Selection of work on display.

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