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Print and Learn

Written by Chris Jones   In week two of Screenprinting we graduated from simple paper stencils to painting images on our screens. And in case that wasn’t challenging enough, instructor Meggan Winsley asked us to combine two complimentary images that could be overlayed, one top of the other. This approach, using drawing fluid and screen […]

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Lithography with Pudy Tong – Q & A

Written by Laine Groeneweg   To most folks, the world of print and printmaking seems like a completely foreign planet, dotted with clusters of strange lingo and great plains of technical jargon. Most of us know a “print” when we see one, but many of us don’t know how the heck it was made. Of […]

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Screenprinting 101

Written by Chris Jones Even simple creative projects can be immensely satisfying: that’s a lesson I re-learned last Tuesday at my first Open Studio water-based screenprinting class. Which is not to suggest that all our class projects will be simple. Instructor Meggan Winsley, above, kicked things off by showing us examples of the kind of […]

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Call for Submissions: Editions

Attention Canadian Printmakers Deadline for submissions: Saturday, February 21, 2015, 5 pm. Donate to Open Studio’s Editions for your chance to win the Open Studio Editions Residency Award. Replacing the Open Studio National Printmaking Awards, the new Open Studio Editions Residency Award provides the recipient with 4 free weeks in the Studio, along with $300 worth […]

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Open Studio Receives Significant Investment from Ontario Trillium Foundation

Open Studio is thrilled to announce that the Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Government of Ontario, has recently awarded a grant to the organization.