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City of Toronto (StreetARToronto) Partnership Submission

Open Studio and City of Toronto (StreetARToronto) Partnership
A Celebration of 50 Years of Print and Artist-Run Centres in Toronto

The call for submissions is now closed.

EXTENDED DEADLINE: Submissions must be received by Friday, February 28th, 11:59 PM EST.

This call is open to Open Studio artist members only. Please scroll down to apply after reading the call.

  • Artists will receive an $800 artist fee.*
  • Artists will receive up to $250 for materials.*
  • You do not need a finalized image for the February 28th deadline.
  • Images should show an example of the work you propose to make.
    *Upon completion of the project

To celebrate Open Studio’s 50th anniversary and to connect printmaking throughout the city, Open Studio and the City of Toronto have partnered in an exciting public art project. This project will animate sixteen traffic signal control cabinets throughout the city of Toronto. The animated control boxes will form a route that highlights past and present artist-run centres. Twelve artists from Open Studio and four artists from Cape Dorset will be selected by a jury.

This project is being implemented by StreetARToronto (StART), an initiative of the City of Toronto’s Transportation Services Division in collaboration with Open Studio. Launched in 2012 as an integral part of the City’s Graffiti Management Plan, StreetARToronto (StART) is an innovative, public-private program designed to develop, support, promote and increase awareness of street art and its role in adding beauty and character to neighbourhoods and public spaces throughout the City. By making streets more appealing, vibrant and welcoming StART installations also encourage active transportation (walking and cycling) and showcase creative talent while reducing graffiti vandalism and associated costs.

The StART Outside the Box Program provides an opportunity for local artists to create works of art for installation on traffic signal control cabinets.

Call for Artists

Open Studio and the City of Toronto invite Open Studio Artist Members to submit an application to create designs that will be digitally reproduced on vinyl wraps and installed on traffic signal control cabinets located at intersections throughout the city. These designed wraps will highlight the importance and vibrancy of print-based artwork within Toronto.

Artists will be selected based on the strength of their design and the potential for imagery to work on a 3-D traffic control box. Designs must not include large areas of open space with limited design elements, as this encourages graffiti vandalism. Images can be from analogue print processes; however, some knowledge of digital processes is an asset; if selected, artists will be required to digitize their works for digital printing.

Successful applicants will receive an $800 artist fee for their designs and $250 for materials upon completion of the project.

Submission Requirements

The City of Toronto and Open Studio will select the artists based on strength of concept and design potential to work on a traffic signal cabinet. Successful applicants will be contacted and required to submit their final images in high-resolution digital format by March 1, 2020.

As we are working with the City of Toronto and a design team to install the artwork on the traffic signal control boxes, artists will be expected to work with all parties on their final designs. Designs are subject to final approval by the City of Toronto. Artists selected must be able to digitize their work for reproduction.

Considerations for design:

  • High-quality creative design
  • Animate streetscape to make walking, cycling, driving appealing and enjoyable
  • Reflect the City of Toronto motto ‘Diversity Our Strength’
  • Resonate with the public
  • Deter vandalism—Designs must avoid large areas of open space
  • Designs must be conducive to a digital reproduction on a vinyl wrap

Designs must not contain:

  • Any representations of traffic lights, signs, signals or other traffic control devices
  • Advertisement or promotion for any business, product or viewpoint
  • Vulgar, profane, offensive or insensitive images or writing
  • Any breach of intellectual property, trademarks, brands or images of illegal activity
  • Words or messages
  • The artist signature and website cannot occupy more than ¼ of the base unit.

Submissions must be received by February 10, 12 pm (noon) EST
Questions? Please email


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