Studio Stars FAQs

Q. How do you process monthly donations?

A. We use CanadaHelps to process monthly and all online donations. CanadaHelps is a registered charity that provides open access to an affordable, secure online fundraising platform. CanadaHelps is registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as CANADAHELPS CANADON, BN: 896568417RR0001. As a non-profit, CanadaHelps fees are a fraction of for-profit alternatives; by providing the infrastructure, CanadaHelps allows Open Studio to accept online donations, and saves time and money by minimizing administration required to process donations, allowing your donation dollars to go further. If you’re uncomfortable making an online donation, you can also provide Open Studio with post-dated cheques for your desired monthly donation amount.

Q. Is it safe to donate through CanadaHelps?

A. Yes. CanadaHelps works hard to keep your information safe and secure, and complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). They spend a lot of time and resources on updating the security of our payment processes. As part of that compliance, they don’t actually store your credit card information on their servers, but can recall your encrypted information in order to save you time when you donate. They also protect your other information; they never share your personal information with any charity unless you allow them to, and even then only if the charity has signed our privacy agreement. If you’d like a more detailed explanation, please take a look at CanadaHelps’ Privacy Policy.

Q. Do I need a CanadaHelps account to make a monthly donation?

A. To make monthly scheduled donations, a CanadaHelps donor account is required, which is created while making your initial donation. A CanadaHelps donor account is a secure way to store information you use every time you donate. Because your account is password protected, we can save you time by safely storing:

  • your e-mail and street addresses for tax receipt purposes
  • your account settings and preferences
  • your tax receipts and a record of each donation

In accordance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), CanadaHelps saves an encrypted key that references your credit card information, stored on a separate, secure server. That way, your information is separate and safe, but you don’t have to type it in each time you donate, or each time your monthly donation is processed.

Q. Will I get a tax receipt for monthly donations?

A. Absolutely, however, receipts for monthly gifts are not created each month. You will always receive an email notification when your monthly donation is processed, or if CanadaHelps encounters any issues processing your donation. You will receive one receipt for your annual cumulative donation total sometime in the New Year, usually in January; when that receipt is ready to download, you will receive an email letting you know. Once you receive the notice, or if you want to download a receipt at any other time, sign in to your CanadaHelps account and click the Donations & Receipts section to download your receipt. To download your CanadaHelps tax receipts from previous years, or for donations made in this calendar year, click here to use their receipt download tool.

Q. Can I edit or cancel my monthly donation?

A. Editing or cancelling your monthly donation through CanadaHelps is simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Sign into your CanadaHelps Account.
  • Once logged into your Donor Account, click “Your Monthly Donations” tab.
  • You will see a list of all the monthly donations you have set up with CanadaHelps. To edit or cancel an existing monthly donation, click the “Change” button on the same row as the charity name.
  • Once clicked, you will see all the details of that monthly donation. You can change any of the details, including the amount or recurrence date. To cancel your monthly donation, click the button at the bottom right of the page that says “Stop this payment”.

Q. When will my donations be processed?

A. Your donation will be processed each month, on the same date as your initial monthly donation. For example, if you choose to make a monthly donation of $15 today, your next donation of $15 will be automatically charged to your account in exactly one month to the day, and each subsequent month thereafter. Donations will show up on your credit card statement as “CANADAHELPS CANADON”, not as Open Studio.

Q. Can I choose or direct my monthly donations to specific projects?

A. As a monthly donor, your donations provide support where the need is the greatest. Monthly donors fund long-term programs that deliver on Open Studio’s mission, and you can trust that your donations are going to where the need is greatest each and every month.

Q. Why is it better to become a monthly donor than to give a one-time donation to Open Studio?

A. We count on monthly donations to be able to plan ahead and continue to keep our doors open. When you sign up to become a monthly donor, you enable us to effectively plan, knowing that we have the funds ready to invest in making a lasting impact. It’s also a budget-friendly way for you to provide support, and allows you to donate effortlessly, with automatic payments.

Q. I’ve moved or changed my telephone number since I signed up for my monthly donation – how do I let you know?

A. Please contact us by phone at 416-504-8238 or by email with your new contact information at your earliest convenience. You will also need to log into your CanadaHelps donor account to update your contact information there.

Q. I have a question that wasn’t answered here.

A. If you have additional inquiries, please call our office at 416-504-8238.