Jeannie Thib Memorial Fund

Left: Archive #13, 1995, screenprint on Washi, 36”x 28” Right: Jeannie Thib (1955 – 2013)

Medallion Portfolio & The Jeannie Thib Memorial Fund

Jeannie Thib was a talented artist and cherished member of the Open Studio community, who passed away in 2013. In the spirit of Thib’s remarkable contributions to Canadian art, a memorial fund has been established, which funds the Jeannie Thib Mentorship Residency at Open Studio. There are two ways to support to the Fund.

Donate to the Jeannie Thib Memorial Fund

If you would like to make a charitable donation to the Fund, please click here and select “Jeannie Thib Memorial Fund” from the drop-down menu. You may also donate by calling us with your credit card number at 416-504-8238, or send a cheque to Open Studio, 401 Richmond Street West, Suite 104, Toronto, Ontario M5V 3A8. Click here to download a donation form.

Donors to the Jeannie Thib Fund

Ric Amis, Carmelo Arnoldin, Alexandra Baird, Lorène Bourgeois, Peter Bowyer, Janice Carbert & Dan Lander, Stan Denniston, Pamela Dodds, Simon Glass, Sandra Gregson, Libby Hague, James Holland, Bruce Holland, Nancy Jacobi, Tila  Kellman, Ginette Legaré, E. J. Lightman, Matthew Meagher, Lorna Mills, Richard Mongiat, Museum Pros, Kurt Pammer, John & Joanne Petrie, Ed Pien, Lyla Rye, Ricardo Sternberg, Pat Sullivan, Meg Taylor, Christabel Thib, Marti Lea Thib, Gaetane Verna, Laura Vickerson, George Walker, Garth Woolsey, Liz Wylie

The Medallion Portfolio

Katzman Contemporary has released Medallion, a portfolio collection of editioned multiples, inspired by the artist’s last unfinished work of the same name. Thirteen of Thib’s close friends and artists from Canada, Australia and the Netherlands contributed to this portfolio. In partnership with Katzman Contemporary, the Medallion portfolio is now available at Open Studio. Proceeds from the sale of the portfolio will go towards the Jeannie Thib Memorial Fund  If you would like to purchase the Medallion portfolio, please email or call 416-504-8238.