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Dorian FitzGerald’s Chandelier for George II

  • Dorian FitzGerald, preparatory digital image for Chandelier for George II, King of England and Elector of Hanover, Balthazar Friedrich Behrens, 1736-1737, 2017, screenprint, $250. Commissioned by Open Studio especially for the Artist Proof Sale 2017.
  • Printmaker Nadine Bariteau working with artist Dorian FitzGerald on a demo print.

This year, at Open Studio, Dorian FitzGerald was commissioned to create a print specially for our annual Artist Proof Sale taking place on November 30th, 2017.

Dorian has an eye for detail and a very patient disposition. His practice revolves around creating large intricate paintings, which depict both extravagant settings and decorative items. The term “extra” could be readily applied. He produces profoundly sizeable (some 18 feet tall) paintings using a rather ambitious technique. Each work is carefully outlined, arranged and then filled-in with a mixture of acrylic paint and caulking. The process can take many months or even years to complete. However, it was the opportunity to break away from this long-term approach that inspired Dorian to try his hand at printmaking. He writes: “the chance to learn a technique that gives almost immediate results was very appealing.”

For his Artist Proof Sale commission, Dorian chose to produce a screenprint depicting an ornate silver chandelier. He states that the chandelier “comes from a time when the European royal houses kept much of their wealth in the form of solid silver furniture.” Later, many of these larger pieces were melted down to pay for war efforts, and as such only a few smaller items remain. The print itself is not as large as his other works, but it still conveys a sense of grandeur with its delicate putti and flourishing floral accents. King George II commissioned this specific chandelier, which “incorporates the key national symbols of Britain and Hanover…a globe, which bears the white horse of Hanover in relief, while above it a pair of putti is surmounted by the English royal crown.”*

The image has been printed on black paper, further highlighting its lavishness and shine. The four layers of water-based ink had to be painstakingly registered and printed with a steady hand. Dorian worked with printmaker Nadine Bariteau to execute the print, noting that there were many challenges but her willingness to share her knowledge was helpful and allowed him to learn along the way and keep the process “moving and enjoyable.” He plans on returning to Open Studio to pursue future printmaking projects.

Dorian will be printing the final layer of Chandelier for George II, King of England and Elector of Hanover, Balthazar Friedrich Behrens, 1736-1737, 2017 live with Nadine during the opening night of the 33rd Artist Proof Sale, November 30th, 2017. These limited edition prints will be available for purchase for $250.


Sale of tickets has ended.

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