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Editions 2016 Artwork Preview

We’re pleased to offer a preview of the artwork that will be available during the  Editions 2016 art draw. Many attendees like to preview the artwork before the event to draw up their shortlist for the event. There is also an on-site preview the night of the event from 6:30-7:30, prior to the start of the draw. There’s something for everyone!

Please click the arrows to the right above to scroll through the artwork. If you prefer, Click here to download a printable PDF version of the preview (3 MB). All artwork © the artists; all images courtesy the artist or donor. Please note that images are provided to give a general sense of the work included in the event only. Images are not to scale (although accurate dimensions are provided) and may be details of larger images. Both image and paper size have been provided for works with borders; where there is only one set of dimensions, the image extends to the edges of the paper. We have made every effort to accurately represent all works; however, actual artwork may appear different in person.

Click here for more information about Editions or to purchase tickets.

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