Past Events

Kelsey Stephenson


January 14, 2022February 26, 2022

Kelsey Stephenson's exhibition, 'Flux', uses images from along the North Saskatchewan, Athabasca, and Bow rivers to create imagined landscapes of disparate places.

Samar Hejazi

Geometries of Difference

January 14, 2022February 26, 2022

'Geometries of Difference' by Samar Hejazi speaks to the internally discontinuous repetition of acts through time that construct the performative role of identification.

Khadijah Morley

Double Take

January 14, 2022February 26, 2022

By utilizing imagery of mirrors, Khadijah Morley’s work in 'Double Take' asks viewers to ruminate on the notion of spectatorship.

Nick Novak Fellow: Michelle Forsyth

In this moment, there is no sound

October 29, 2021December 18, 2021

The recent photographs of Michelle Forsyth document her performative engagement with objects made and collected during the pandemic. The works chosen for this exhibition form a meditation on her time spent alone.