Making an Impression

Hotel Victoria and Open Studio Partnership. Making an Impression exhibition, 2024, Mosaic Room, Hotel Victoria.

Offsite & Online
Making an Impression
Various artists
February 1, 2024 – April 1, 2024

Featuring work by: Elizabeth D’Agostino, Phyllis Gordon, Astrid Ho, Walter Procska and Phoebe Todd-Parrish.

Making an Impression celebrates a variety of approaches to printmaking and includes several different techniques including linocut, screenprint, monoprint, etching, and woodcut. The uniting factor in each way of working is the act of impression or transfer – building an image through the layering of marks pressed from one surface (a woodblock, silkscreen, etching plate) to paper.

The exhibition is on display in Hotel Victoria’s Mosaic Room. All works are available for sale through Open Studio’s online shop.

Permanent Print Collection at Hotel Victoria

We also teamed up with Hotel Victoria to curate a collection of contemporary print artwork that beautifully complements the hotel’s rich history. Under the guidance of Rebecca Travis, Curator & Collections Manager at Open Studio, we carefully selected a vibrant array of artwork that now permanently graces the first floor of the hotel, offering a warm welcome to every guest embarking on their journey of local discovery.

Read the blog post here: A Visual Window into Toronto: Meet Art Curator Rebecca Travis.