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Samsam Elmi

Perpetual Ruminations


January 6, 2023February 25, 2023

Opening Reception

January 6, 20236:00pm – 8:00pm


  • Samsam Elmi, 2022, Parallel Notions I, intaglio, Chine-collé, edition of 2, 11” x 20”.

Reception: Friday, January 6, 2023, from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
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With no distinct beginning or end, thoughts are momentary ideas that bubble up to the surface. Consistently collected and categorized, they create a loop of ideas, gestures, and feelings mulled over until satisfied.

Through this series of prints, Elmi illustrates the physical depiction of thought processes. This collection of fragmented moments and sentiments that may never find common ground are superimposed, repeating in a cyclical fashion that can feel all-encompassing. Elmi uses the intaglio process to intertwine representational line drawings and textures, exploring the duality of processes built up and/or taken apart.

In Perpetual Ruminations, she hopes to convey the abundance of thoughts rehashed and refashioned in a multitude of variations to connect, communicate, and translate personal interactions.

Samsam Elmi is a Toronto-based artist and printmaker with an honours BFA in Visual Art from York University. She worked as a print media studio monitor at York and, after graduating, participated in the Open Studio work exchange program as a studio assistant. She is an artist member of Open Studio and has taught education classes, including ‘Intro to Screenprinting’. Elmi’s practice mainly utilizes Intaglio and Screenprinting processes, focusing on the exploration of mark-making juxtaposed with representational imagery. She describes art-making as a cathartic process that captures memories and significant moments that have shaped her outlook as a person and artist.