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Carlina Chen

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January 16, 2015February 21, 2015


Carlina Chen, i built a haven, 2013, screenprint, gouache and ink, 160″ x 7″.

Born into a traditional Chinese family in Taiwan, Carlina Chen emigrated to Canada in 1997.  After graduating from OCAD University, she joined the Open Studio community in 2001. Chen’s recent work combines traditional printmaking techniques with drawing on paper and other material. Chen enjoys addressing the cultural tensions that exist between her heritage and her adopted Canadian identity. According to Chen, she “…has qualms that my features are Asian, my thinking is based on Asian philosophy, and my diet consists of Asian food; however, i speak English, read in English, and even dream in English – ‘i travel from an island to a continent; i rest in my own city.’” Despite this tension, she acknowledges that her dual cultural experience has enabled personal growth, enriched her life, and broadened her vision. She feels privileged that her practice in art provides a venue to express her living and working experiences in both Canada and Taiwan, whether these experiences are happy, sad, joyful, frustrated, numbed or overwhelmed.

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