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Anna Gaby-Trotz

Varied Editions Featured Artist


September 16, 2017October 14, 2017


Anna Gaby-Trotz, The Bone Yard, 2013, photo etching, dry point, edition of 6, 9”x12”.

Anna Gaby-Trotz is a Toronto-based printmaker and photographer. Through her art, she intends to bring the landscape forward into people’s consciousness by showing the fragile beauty that still exists in the most remote parts of Canada.

Gaby-Trotz writes the following about her art practice:

The landscape is on my mind. We are at a point in our existence where we are on the teetering point between a world that can sustain us and one that will destroy us. As an artist I believe it is my duty to bring the landscape into people’s consciousness. I aim to do this by showing the tenuous beauty that still exists in the most remote parts of our landscape.

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