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Varied Editions Featured Artist
Pamela Dodds
October 16, 2015 – November 21, 2015

Varied Editions Online Exhibition: Pamela Dodds

Using relief print media, including linocuts and woodcuts, Pamela Dodds explores the complexities of human relationships. She creates from a feminist, queer sensibility that listens to, embraces and explores the interconnectedness of humanity across time and space, and as a part of the natural world. Women and women’s agency are central to her ideas and imagery.

Dodds creates work where the gesture of the human form, when mirrored or counterpointed within an expressive environment, can be described as complex and multi-layered. She finds meaning in the pairing of figures, whether by showing an intimate exchange between individuals, or a shared experience between multiple figures. Her suites of prints are created in a narrative sequence but each print can be encountered independently, or as a part of a whole. As a further manifestation of human relationships, Dodds has also explored the concept of language through non-representational figuration, letterforms and symbols.

Pamela Dodds is a visual artist and printmaker. She was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, grew up in Toronto, and was transplanted south of the border to the USA as a teenager, returning to Canada in 2008. She received an Honors B.A. in Fine Arts from Brandeis University, Massachusetts, USA. Dodds’ work is exhibited regularly in the USA and Canada. 2015 exhibitions include: Queer Landscapes, Queer Journeys, Toronto and Sudbury, Ontario; Gender,Illinois; Vis-aural, Boston, MA; Feminist Art Conference and The Print Show in Toronto, among others.

Dodds has received international residencies, including in Spain, England, USA and Québec. In 2008 she received the generous Individual Support grant from the Gottlieb Foundation, N.Y. She has also received support from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Ontario Arts Council, among others. She a 2014 recipient of the Barbara Deming Memorial Fund grant for feminist art. Her work has been reviewed in Art New England, The Boston Globe and The Globe and Mail, among others, and has been purchased for public collections such as Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio; Purdue University, Illinois; Boston Public Library, Massachusetts; and is included in the collection of Carleton University, Ottawa and many private collections. She is a citizen of both the USA and Canada, and currently lives and works in Toronto.

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