Current Exhibitions

An Open Studio group exhibition celebrating 50 years


November 20, 2020December 19, 2020

'Murmuration' brings together a community of Open Studio Artist Members to create a unique, interconnected print media project.

Rochelle Rubinstein


November 20, 2020December 19, 2020

The block printed banners in 'SHELTER in PLACE' represent Rochelle Rubinstein’s desire to blend the design aesthetics and craft of printmaking on textile with social and environmental advocacy.

Sally Ayre

Natural Patterns, Woven Series

November 20, 2020December 19, 2020

'Natural Patterns, Woven Series' is part of an ongoing project by Sally Ayre about plant specimens and their seeds, which scatter to germinate new life cycles.

Curated by Andrea deBruijn & Heather J.A. Thomson


November 20, 2020December 19, 2020

Mumruación is an expansion of Open Studio’s Murmuration exhibition that would have travelled to the SGC 2020 Puertográfico printmaking conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico.