Past Exhibitions

Richard Sewell


September 4, 2020October 3, 2020

Richard Sewell co-founded Open Studio. 'wHerOccurence' features a variety of artworks Sewell refers to as ‘occurrences’, embracing the possibilities of mixing print with different media, including sculpture and installation.

Andrea deBruijn


September 4, 2020October 3, 2020

In 'SHADE', Andrea deBruijn fills the gallery with black printed foliage, inviting reflection on our changing relationship to natural environments.

Micah Lexier

The Oscilloscope Drawings

September 4, 2020October 3, 2020

'The Oscilloscope Drawings' by Micah Lexier, is a set of ten photopolymer prints featuring imagery from a found technical manual.

Ciara Phillips

Partners in Art, TBD TAKEOVER

July 27, 2020July 31, 2020

TBD Takeover is an online, commissioned art project spotlighting works and stories relating to this current period of uncertainty amidst the global health crisis.