FAQs An Urgent Update from Open Studio

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What happens to my membership, since I paid my fees for 2024? 

Auto-membership renewals will be suspended upon release of this announcement. Please consider donating your remaining membership payments. Otherwise, Open Studio will offer a pro-rated refund for the number of months that will not be used due to studio closure. 

What happens to my monthly recurring rental access payments?

The last recurring rental access payment will be processed on May 31, 2024. For those who paid a lump sum upfront, Open Studio will offer a pro-rated refund amount in accordance with the remaining unused months due to the studio closure.

Will I have access to the studio space and my belongings during the hiatus?

The studio will be completely closed as of June 28th, 2024 as we restructure. All studio belongings will need to be removed as all flat files and lockers must be dismantled and moved.   

Will any equipment be removed from the studio?

The whole studio will be reorganized to be workable in a smaller space. The only piece of equipment that will be removed will be the large screen table. The large exposure unit will be replaced by a new, more accessible unit.

What about the artwork in the Shop?

Prints will remain on consignment until June 28th, 2024. After that, we will collaborate with you to return your work. The galleries will be dedicated to fundraising efforts including displaying art for sale, with permission, from Open Studio’s extensive archive, our collection of fundraising prints, merchandise, and publishing prints. While it might seem counterintuitive to return all consignment work, it is a liability to keep it on site. In the worst case scenario of Open Studio needing to close permanently, we want to ensure you have your work back. 

The plan is for the sales program to reopen in January 2025 for our 55th anniversary. 

What will happen with the gallery exhibitions and residencies? 

Before our hiatus, our last set of exhibitions will open on April 19th until June 1st featuring work by The Ha̲mdzat̓si Collective, in the Main Gallery, and Khadijah Morley, in the Project Space. Thereafter, the galleries will feature a selection of works for sale to help raise funds for Open Studio.

We will finish all the residencies that are scheduled from now until June 2024. Future residencies (including public calls) are to be determined and scheduled upon the success of our fundraising appeal.

Exhibitions confirmed to take place in June-July 2024, and September 2024 will be postponed and rescheduled for when Open Studio reopens in 2025. Exhibitions currently confirmed for January-July 2025 will remain in place as scheduled. In the event that an artist requires an extension for their forthcoming exhibition due to lack of access to production facilities, Open Studio staff are open to discussion about changing the schedule to accommodate as best we can.  

What will happen to the staff?

We are at point now where we need to assess staffing requirements and we will adjust as we move forward.