Gallery Information

  • Main Gallery: 'Over the Horizon’, Libby Hague (left) and Sadko Hadžihasanović (right), 2021.
  • Project Space: Philippe Blanchard, ‘Interference Patterns’, 2021.
  • Feature Wall: Luke Parnell, 'The Laxgiik Convocation Robe' (detail), 2019.
  • Main Gallery: Michelle Forsyth, 'In this moment, there is no sound’, 2021.
  • Project Space: Rachael Dodgson, 'Thank U, Next—27 Series', 2019
  • Feature Wall: Joy Wong, 'Skimming, skirmishing', 2020.
  • Main Gallery: 2019-20 Visiting Artists' Residency Exhibition featuring Kotama Bouabane, Meaghan Hyckie, Luke Painter and Annie Wong.
  • Project Space: Andrea deBruijn, 'SHADE', 2020.
  • Feature Wall: carlina Chen, 'Overlook', 2021.


Open Studio is committed to providing an open and equitable platform for public programming that reflects innovative, non-hierarchical and cross-cultural approaches to contemporary printmaking by artists from diverse backgrounds and wide-reaching perspectives. Open Studio is dedicated to engaging and supporting all individuals and prioritizes applications from members of equity-deserving communities, including racialized persons: Black, Indigenous, People(s) of Colour (BIPOC); persons with disabilities, persons living with mental illness, and persons of all sexual orientations, and gender identities/expressions.

Through our public programming, we aim to encourage audience connection to the evolving medium of print as it relates to contemporary culture and to foster a diverse and expansive view of what printmaking can be. This may include, but is not limited to, non-Eurocentric printmaking, digital and analogue forms of print, DIY print practices (zines, posters, pamphlets, etc.), as well as other traditional printmaking mediums.

Our gallery exhibitions and residency opportunities are programmed through annual calls for submissions, in addition to invited and curated exhibitions. We welcome explorations of print’s industrial, digital, commercial, and craft-based aspects, including proposals that intersect print with other media, and that explore print’s ethos in concept (sequencing, multiples, layering) as well as in practice. We are open to ideas and welcome proposals for solo and group exhibitions.

To create equitable and inclusive programming that supports and promotes global, innovative, and non-hierarchical approaches to contemporary printmaking from a range of cross-cultural perspectives. To elevate the printed medium, and shape audience experience of print in relation to wider contemporary culture.

Exhibition Support: we encourage you to research potential exhibition assistance grants, like the Ontario Arts Council (OAC) here, and we would be happy to provide you with an exhibition assistance recommendation letter, as needed.


The Main Gallery is Open Studio’s largest exhibition space. Exhibitions are selected through an annual, juried, open call for submissions, in addition to curated projects. In the Main Gallery, we present both solo and group exhibitions that feature a wide range of print media-based works from traditional to experimental, including work that, although not necessarily produced using traditional printmaking techniques, shares through its conceptual concerns a relationship to printmaking.


The Project Space is a juried exhibition space for which Open Studio artist members can apply to exhibit recent print work and related projects, both individual and collaborative. Exhibitions are selected through an annual, juried, open call for submissions, in addition to curated projects. The Project Space welcomes experimentation and encourages artists to use the space as a testing ground for what print can be. Exhibition scheduling is programmed to coincide with exhibition dates in the main Open Studio gallery.


The Feature Wall is a free-standing standing exhibition space that connects to ongoing studio activity and experimentation in the print medium. It is programmed by Open Studio’s Curator and Collections Manager, and includes projects by artist members and artists from the wider art community, including collaborations with other arts organizations, and projects by emerging artists. The Feature Wall may also act as a springboard to develop ideas for larger exhibitions. Scheduling is programmed to coincide with exhibition dates in the Main Gallery, and Project Space.


Exhibitions for the Main Gallery and Project Space are selected through an annual, juried call for submissions, in addition to curated projects. The Feature Wall is programmed by Open Studio’s Curator & Collections Manager.

Open Studio’s Programming Year runs from September – July. (Example: the 2021-22 programming year is slated as September 2021 – July 2022.) The annual exhibition Call for Submissions [link] selects programming for the following programming year.

Exhibition submissions are selected by a jury consisting of:
– Open Studio’s Curator & Collections Manager
– A member of the Open Studio’s Programming Committee
– An Open Studio artist member
– Two external jurors from the wider arts community

Juries change each submission year. Where possible, the Programming jury will jury all residency and exhibition opportunities for a one-year cycle. Open Studio’s Programming Committee Chair coordinates the jury meetings.

Please note that due to the number of submissions that we receive, Open Studio is unable to provide individual feedback for applications.