Nick Novak Fellow: Michelle Forsyth

In this moment, there is no sound

October 29, 2021December 18, 2021

The recent photographs of Michelle Forsyth document her performative engagement with objects made and collected during the pandemic. The works chosen for this exhibition form a meditation on her time spent alone.

Sadko Hadzihasanovic and Libby Hague

Over the Horizon

September 10, 2021October 23, 2021

'Over the Horizon', features artwork by Sadko Hadzihasanovic and Libby Hague, bringing together two different approaches to large-scale printmaking while exploring themes of storytelling and collectivity, violence and peace.

An Open Studio group exhibition celebrating 50 years


November 20, 2020March 6, 2021

'Murmuration' brings together a community of Open Studio Artist Members to create a unique, interconnected print media project.

Kotama Bouabane, Meaghan Hyckie, Luke Painter and Annie Wong

Visiting Artists’ Residency Exhibition

October 16, 2020November 14, 2020

Each year Open Studio selects four professional artists with or without printmaking experience to create traditional and/or experimental works in the print medium of their choice, working collaboratively with a print media artist.

Richard Sewell


September 4, 2020October 3, 2020

Richard Sewell co-founded Open Studio. 'wHerOccurence' features a variety of artworks Sewell refers to as ‘occurrences’, embracing the possibilities of mixing print with different media, including sculpture and installation.

Ningiukulu Teevee, Saimaiyu Akesuk and Ooloosie Saila

Where She Lives

March 20, 2020May 9, 2020

'Where She Lives' presents a collection of print work by Ningiukulu Teevee, Saimaiyu Akesuk and Ooloosie Saila showcasing their interpretations of landscapes, wildlife and everyday ephemera.

Agata Derda


February 14, 2020March 14, 2020

Opening Reception

February 14, 20206:00 – 8:00 PM

In 'Afterdark', Agata Derda focuses on the exploration of interpersonal dynamics. In her prints, Derda substitutes human forms with modified vegetation or manmade objects that are staged in ambiguous, foreboding landscapes.

PRESS RECORD: prints from the Open Studio Archive

January 10, 2020February 8, 2020

Opening Reception

January 10, 20206:00 – 8:00 PM

'PRESS RECORD' presents a small selection of artwork from a half century of printmaking at the studio.

Happy Holidays at Open Studio!

December 5, 2019December 21, 2019

Opening Reception

December 5, 20195:00 – 8:00 PM

An expanded shop and artist pop-up market just in time for the holidays.

Pascaline Knight

Le e dans l’o de mon cœur / When (i) draw my own lines—performing the substrate.

October 18, 2019November 16, 2019

Opening Reception

October 18, 20196:00 – 8:00 PM

'In Le e dans l’o de mon cœur...' Pascaline Knight uses the Cahier Canada notebook to challenge the ideas of self, extracting it from its original purpose, and playing with its scale and format to reveal the uncanny.