Anna Gaby-Trotz


January 6, 2023February 25, 2023

Opening Reception

January 6, 20236:00pm – 8:00pm

'Baseline' is an installation by Anna Gaby-Trotz which features a collection of images gathered while documenting climate change through the North West Passage.

A/P Holiday Fundraiser & Market

December 8, 2022December 22, 2022

Opening Reception

December 8, 20226:00pm – 9:00pm

The A/P Holiday Fundraiser is a lively holiday event hosted within Open Studio's galleries. The fundraiser will include the sale of contemporary prints, multiples and merch.

Tyler Bright Hilton

You really don’t remember?

October 28, 2022December 3, 2022

Opening Reception

November 4, 20226:00pm – 8:00pm

'You really don't remember?' features a selection of artist proofs from Tyler Bright Hilton's ongoing series of narrative etchings. Mixing fictional and real-life people 'cast' as antagonists who symbolize different themes.

Judith Klugerman


September 9, 2022October 22, 2022

Opening Reception

September 10, 202212:00pm – 3:00pm

Judith Klugerman's work often recalls, in an abstract way, the colours and textures of places she has visited. These images engraved in Klugerman's memory are re-invented in her etchings, weavings, and paintings.

Nix Burox, Victoria Day, Rachael Dodgson, Jessica Palmer


June 10, 2022July 23, 2022

Opening Reception

June 11, 202212:00pm – 3:00pm

WITH/IN is a group exhibition that defines and responds to intimacy and connection at a time when, in the wake of the pandemic, interpersonal relationships are more isolated and digitally-focused than ever.

Pudy Tong

roll! stack! fold! break! (old man yells at cloud)

April 22, 2022June 4, 2022

Opening Reception

April 23, 202212:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Inspired by depictions of the physical newspaper in popular culture, the print-based sculptures in 'roll! stack! fold! break! (old man yells at cloud)' by Pudy Tong, play up the notions of superficial knowing and tenuous materiality.

Pamela Dodds

Documenting Border Barriers

March 4, 2022April 16, 2022

'Documenting Border Barriers' is an exhibition by Pamela Dodds that addresses the exponential rise in the building of fortified fences and walls between nations and territories to control and prevent the movement of people.

Samar Hejazi

Geometries of Difference

January 14, 2022February 26, 2022

'Geometries of Difference' by Samar Hejazi speaks to the internally discontinuous repetition of acts through time that construct the performative role of identification.

Rocky Dobey

Dark Age Ahead

October 29, 2021December 18, 2021

The long history of vicious weapons adorned in beautiful engravings is remembered and reflected in this exhibition titled 'Dark Age Ahead' by Rocky Dobey.

Philippe Blanchard

Interference Patterns

September 10, 2021October 23, 2021

'Interference Patterns', by Philippe Blanchard, expands on the boundaries of print through the use of projected video and installation.