Tara Cooper

Varied Editions Featured Artist

January 12, 2018February 10, 2018

Tara Cooper embraces an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach, combining media from print, photography and animation to installation and book arts.

Dana Tosic, Untitled, 2015, screenprint, 28” x 20″.

Dana Tosic

Varied Editions Featured Artist

Dana Tosic is a Toronto based artist who works in printmaking, installation and digital media. 

Anna Gaby-Trotz

Varied Editions Featured Artist

September 16, 2017October 14, 2017

Anna Gaby-Trotz is a Toronto-based printmaker and photographer. Through her art, she intends to bring the landscape forward into people’s consciousness by showing the fragile beauty that still exists in the most remote parts of Canada.

Carlina Chen

Varied Editions Featured Artist

May 12, 2017June 10, 2017

Carlina Chen moved from Taiwan to Canada to study at OCADU. Her dual cultural living experience and love of nature have inspired her art practice since.

Pudy Tong

Varied Editions Featured Artist

June 16, 2017July 15, 2017

Pudy Tong’s art practice draws on elements from journalism as the subject through which our experience of contemporary, media-saturated society is refracted, re-interpreted and re-imagined.

Irina Schestakowich

Varied Editions Featured Artist

February 16, 2017March 18, 2017

Irina Schestakowich likes the challenge of confronting disorder and struggling to translate it into her sense of beauty and perfection.

William Steinberg

Varied Editions Featured Artist

March 24, 2017April 22, 2017

Opening Reception

March 24, 2017

William Steinberg began printmaking in architecture school in the early 1970s. His current practice depicts architecture as it transforms and erodes into a new persona —the ruin.

Laurynas Navidauskas

Varied Editions Featured Artist

December 1, 2016January 9, 2017

With a background in film and video, Laurynas started exploring print media after a workshop at Open Studio. He is currently an Open Studio member, working in screenprinting.

Anne Abbass

Varied Editions Featured Artist

October 21, 2016November 19, 2016

Anne Abbass is a Toronto-based artist and printmaker. Her prints are created through the process of combining images, hand written script and areas of colour together.

Sonya Filman

Varied Editions Featured Artist

September 16, 2016October 15, 2016

Utilizing print media, photography, sculpture and drawing, Filman explores the ideological influences and power dynamics that inform documentary media and other authoritative modes of representation.