Cheryl Kaplan

Varied Editions Featured Artist

June 17, 2016July 17, 2016

Cheryl Kaplan is a Toronto-based printmaker with a background in advertising. Using a narrative drawing style, she aims to provoke and entertain, often leaving it open to the viewer to interpret the direction of the plot.

Susan Fothergill

Varied Editions Featured Artist

May 13, 2016June 11, 2016

Susan Fothergill, is a Toronto-based award-winning fine art printmaker.

Meggan Winsley

Varied Editions Featured Artist

March 18, 2016April 23, 2016

Meggan Winsley explores the technical reaches of the four-colour separation screenprinting process. Her work highlights the elegance found in decay and brings new life to otherwise dying or abandoned subjects.

Elizabeth Forrest

Varied Editions Featured Artist

February 12, 2016March 12, 2016

Elizabeth Forrest is interested in referencing traditional flat, mottled, embossed or blended surface qualities in tight registration, while employing a hybrid style (Western and Japanese) in carving.

Laurie Zinkand-Selles

Varied Editions Featured Artist

January 8, 2016February 6, 2016

Laurie Zinkand-Selles is a visual artist living in Toronto. Her work considers time and memory, contrasting the brevity of our human experience with that of historical/architectural structures and environments.

Pamela Dodds

Varied Editions Featured Artist

October 16, 2015November 21, 2015

Pamela Dodds is a visual artist and printmaker using relief print media to explore the complexities of human relationships.

Walter Procska

Varied Editions Featured Artist

September 11, 2015October 10, 2015

Opening Reception

September 11, 20156:30 – 8:30 PM

Walter Procska creates prints that are filled with strong mathematical shapes. Procska is inspired by scientists and artists like Kandinsky.

Joscelyn Gardner

Varied Editions Featured Artist

June 26, 2015July 26, 2015

Opening Reception

June 26, 20156:30 – 8:30 PM

Joscelyn Gardner's practice probes colonial material culture found in Caribbean archives in order to explore her (white) Creole identity from a postcolonial feminist perspective.

Jennie Suddick

Varied Editions Featured Artist

May 22, 2015June 20, 2015

Jennie Suddick is a multi-­disciplinary artist based in Toronto. Her work deals with issues of identity, place and meditated relationships to nature.

Sandra Haar

Varied Editions Featured Artist

April 10, 2015May 9, 2015

Sandra Haar is a Toronto-based artist who works in installation, bookwork and flat formats. Throughout her artistic practice, she has focused on issues of representation and subjectivity, investigating a range of personal and cultural concerns.