Carlina Chen

Varied Editions Feature Artist

January 16, 2015February 21, 2015

Chen’s recent work combines traditional printmaking techniques with drawing on paper and other material. Chen enjoys addressing the cultural tensions that exist between her heritage and her adopted Canadian identity.

Kaleena Stasiak

Varied Editions Featured Artist

December 4, 2014January 10, 2015

Kaleena Stasiak's work is grounded in craft and “women’s work” -- handmade household objects and their ability to represent the bodies that made them.

Tyler Bright Hilton

Varied Editions Featured Artist

February 27, 2015April 4, 2015

Since 2011, Hilton has been at work on the second installment of a 3-part narrative series of etchings and drawings titled Minmei Madelynne Pryor on the Trail of a Liar.

Susan Fothergill

Varied Editions Featured Artist

October 24, 2014November 22, 2014

Varied Editions featured artist from October 24 - November 11, 2014 is Susan Fothergill.

Jae Lee

Varied Editions Featured Artist

September 12, 2014October 14, 2014

Varied Editions is a virtual exhibition space showcasing the work of Open Studio’s Artist Membership; this online gallery features a rotating schedule of solo exhibitions of work by Open Studio’s artist members. Varied Editions featured artist from S

Mary Baranowski-Lowden

Varied Editions Featured Artist

June 27, 2014July 26, 2014

Mary Baranowski-Lowden has worked primarily in etching for over twenty years: her work is influenced by her travels and nature.

Tobias Williams

Varied Editions Featured Artist

May 23, 2014June 6, 2014

Varied Editions is an online exhibition space for Open Studio Members. Varied Editions featured artist from May 23 - June 21, 2014 is Tobias Williams.

Isabelle Hémard

Varied Editions Featured Artist

April 4, 2014May 10, 2014

Isabelle Hémard’s work is deeply influenced by her French upbringing surrounded by history, culture and man-made beauty.

Emma Nishimura

Varied Editions Featured Artist

February 22, 2014March 29, 2016

In this Varied Editions gallery, Emma Nishimura features a number of pieces from her recent MFA thesis exhibition titled Geographies of Story.

Sally Ayre

Varied Editions Featured Artist

January 10, 2014February 15, 2014

Sally Ayre’s Traces series revolves around a collection of family letters, early 20th century botanical drawings by her grandmother and amateur botanist Agnes Marion Ayre.