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Getting the scoop on Jeanette Nguyen


Written by Laine Groeneweg

After a little time away from the blog, I managed to free up a bit of time and catch up with artist member, Jeanette Nguyen to get the scoop on her printmaking approach and what’s behind her unique sense of style and image making.  Here’s what she had to share…


Q: How long have you been a member at Open Studio?

I’ve been a member at Open Studio since the beginning of 2014.


Q: What print medium do you usually work in?

Currently, I work in screenprinting as my print medium of choice.


Q: Why printmaking?

I love the process and methodology of printmaking. It’s the process of layering inks that slowly brings an image to life. Seeing something that started as an idea and some sketches, gradually evolve layer after layer, until it’s fully adopted an unexpected life of its’ own. It’s a pretty exciting thing for me to see and experience.


Q: What is inspiring your art practice lately?

What has been quite an evident and consistent influence in my work is nature. The undeniable beauty that nature offers is difficult to ignore, as well as the calamities and challenges it faces in the wake of the current pace climate change has taken, have all found roots in my work. News articles regarding the details, destruction and loss of plant and animal species amongst other issues the global population will inevitably encounter and confront have also taken a strong hold in my work. Ongoing aesthetic influences revolve around classic Warner Bros. and MGM Studios animation, as well as a range of graphic novels, and early 20th century cartoon strips.


Q: What do you listen to while working/creating?

There’s really no one answer to that question. I’m a little all over the place when it comes to listening material at my studio. It really all depends on my mood and the task at hand. It could range from classical, to old punk or some indie bands. Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts, or enjoying silence when the time and task is appropriate.


Q: What do you like best about Open Studio?

Open Studio really has a great community. There’s a lot of great artist interaction, events and opportunities to get involved in.


Jeanette Nguyen, See-Life
Jeanette Nguyen, See-Life

Q: What can you tell me about piece, “See Life“?

See Life? has themes of environmental calamities that run through much of my work. As the daunting reality of Artic oil exploration and drilling descends upon us, so do anxieties and uncertainties concerning not only our impending future, but also for marine life and the health of their ocean habitat. See Life? came from the questions of: What will they do? Where will they go? And how will they cope? As childish ideals won’t allow me to accept extinction as the only probable result, See Life? imagines how marine life will manage to survive when their habitat becomes uninhabitable. This piece depicts the empathy, helplessness as well as hopelessness for what currently seems to be an ill fated inevitability.


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