Studio Info


Open Studio is located in the 401 Richmond (suite #104) arts-and-culture hub in downtown Toronto. Our expansive and well-equipped 6,000 sq/ft studio has production facilities and equipment for relief, intaglio, screenprinting, lithography (including photo-based processes), and basic computer equipment.

Our priority is to support artists in the creation and exhibition of contemporary print in an open-minded, inclusive, safe and collaborative environment.

To access the studio facilities independently, you should have some technical print knowledge to work safely on your own; however, we can also help you gain experience to become familiar with the studio if you do not have a printmaking background. Interested individuals are asked to email with the Studio Access subject line to discuss the next steps.

Studio rent covers all in-house materials such as acids, solvents, cleaning solutions, rags, and any other chemicals required.

All studio users must first hold current membership before accessing the facilities. Annual membership fees cover access to our booking system, activation of fobs (to the building and the studio), and an initial orientation.

  • Studio users must first hold current membership before using the studio
  • Studio users must have received an orientation to gain access
  • Studio facilities are open 24/7 for pre-approved studio users
  • We encouraged all users using the studio to be vaccinated and boosted
  • Masks must be worn in the studio
  • Studio users must sign our usage policies & health and safety waiver
  • Bookings are mandatory to reserve and guarantee equipment access
  • Bookings: for four-hour time-slots (can be booked consecutively)
  • Studio users must have fobs for 401 Richmond building and the studio doors
  • Studio users can purchase rent online and book equipment online
  • Studio users are responsible for cleaning and sanitizing their areas
  • The studio kitchen is open and limited to 2 people
  • Studio users can also rent a flat-file drawer or locker

Please note that membership does not imply immediate studio access. Studio access is offered after orientation and the purchase of studio rent. To purchase a membership or to renew, please contact us by email.



  • 1 American French Tool etching press – 48” x 78” press bed
  • 1 American French Tool press – 30” x 48” press bed
  • 1 Charles Brand press – 16” x 30” press bed
  • 1 Sturges press – 16” x 48” press bed
  • 1 Vandercook electric type high relief press – 15” x 20” bed size
  • Letterpress furniture and limited collection of type
  • 1 Metal plate cutter – blade width 37.5”
  • 1 Stainless steel paper soaking tray – 37” x 52”
  • 1 Vertical ferric chloride acid bath – 18” x 24”
  • 1 Hot plate
  • Fusion boxes for aquatint
  • Rosin box for aquatint
  • Assorted hand rollers and brayers, including viscosity set
  • 1 Accu-Glide Screenprinting vacuum table – 24” x 30”
  • 2 Accu-Glide Screenprinting vacuum tables – 25” x 38” (one with squeegee arm)
  • 1 Vacuum printing tables – 44” x 32
  • 1 Seri-Glide One-Person Squeegee Screenprinting table – 52” x 96”
  • 1 American Masterprint One-Person Squeegee Screen Printing Table- 47”x 64”
  • 1 Horizontal light table, 1 Vertical light table
  • Screen coating room and screen storage closet
  • Vented washout room with power spray washer
  • Print drying racks
  • Assorted squeegees
  • Assorted screens available for rent
  • Refrigerator for emulsion storage
  • 1 Griffin press for stones or plates up to 39.5” x 72.5”
  • 1 Praga press for stones or plates up to 30” x 46”
  • 1 Wepplo motorized press for stones or plates up to 36” x 53”
  • Stones ranging from book size up to 32” x 43”
  • 1 Hydraulic hand-operated lift for moving stones
  • 1 Graining sink
  • Levigators, drying racks, leather rollers and portable stone tables for moving stones in progress
  • NuArc 3000 watt single point light unit
  • 60” x 70” wall mounted vacuum frame
  • 2 – iMacs (20 “ & 27”)
  • HP LaserJet 700 B+W printer, up to 12” x 20”
  • Epson 1100xL opaque + transparency scanner
  • Wacom Intuos 4 Drawing Tablet

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes! We are always happy to welcome new members. You do not have to use our facility to qualify for membership.

Yes, membership gives you a lot of added benefits including discounts at various art stores and access to special submission calls. Membership is renewed annually.

You do not have to have a formal printmaking background in order to access the studio. Members must be able to print on their own safely in a shared studio space. Our education program is a great way to become familiar with printmaking. Our courses offer the fundamentals of printmaking and are geared toward beginners and advanced printmakers.

Consider taking one of our education classes, which are open to the public, and are a great way to start accessing the studio. If you’re looking for a quick refresh, you could also book private instruction or take an open session class. Our open session classes take place after-hours and are meant to be a bridge into the studio. Often open session classes are attended by those who have taken some of our classes and/or want some supervision before working on their own in the print studio.

Yes, we’re an open-access barrier-free studio! However, your portfolio must show technical skills in each area you want to use. 

We’re here to make the experience a great one for you and want to instil a love of printmaking in your life. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable working in the studio independently and to become a part of our great print community.