Goodbye, Spray 9; Stay clean, Simple Green

In an effort to streamline cleaning products and practices around the studio, we’ll be gradually replacing Spray 9 as the general cleaner with Simple Green. They are very similar products and their uses are identical with one small exception listed below. This transition will also mean that the carboy for refills in the screen washout room will eventually hold Simple Green.

Identical uses:
– general surface cleaning
– roller / brayer / palette knives final pass (after oil / solvent / soap+water)
– removing ink from screens (since Simple Green has a slightly purplish hue, there’s now less chance of confusing it for the Emulsion Remover Solution)
– degreasing screens after emulsion has been removed

Filling the gap of Spray 9:
– Spray 9 was previously used for removing Screen Filler. There’s now a dedicated screen filler remover solution in the screen washout room

Thank you everyone for keeping the studio sparkling and clean for each other ✨