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Open Studio at Earls

  • Print by Mark Bath.
  • Left: Mathieu Goupil-Lemay, right: Liz Menard.
  • Top: Annyen Lam, bottom: Pamela Dodds.
  • Prints by Panya Clark Espinal.

Open Studio is excited to announce that it has work featured at Earls on King Street West. Next time you’re in the city drop by for a drink and view the amazing contemporary print work on display! 💙👌

Featuring Open Studio artists:

Alex Bierk
Mark Bath
Pamela Dodds
Panya Clark Espinal
Annyen Lam
Mathieu Goupil-Lemay
Astrid Ho
Liz Menard
Shogo Okada
Alex Thompson
Meggan Winsley

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