Venue Rental, Studio/Equipment Share & Facilitation

Venue Rental, Studio/Equipment Share, Facilitation

Venue Rental, Studio/Equipment Share & Facilitation

Studio/Equipment Share: We offer complimentary studio access to our partners, allowing them to create prints that support their institutional goals. This program is designed for organizations that can provide someone capable of working independently in our space. We also lend our partners equipment on a case-by-case basis. By offering this free access, Open Studio helps foster creativity and collaboration, supporting the artistic and institutional missions of our partners.

Studio/Equipment Share partner(s) include: Abbozzo Gallery, Blackwood Gallery UofTM, Peel Committee Against Women Abuse, Gallery 44, Tangled Art + Disability

Facilitation: This generally includes subcontracting an instructor and pairing them with the institution to arrange a workshop they would like to conduct. Sometimes, there’s compensation between institutions to share supply costs. Facilitation can also involve collaborating with another institution to run joint workshops.

Recent Facilitation Partner(s): Gallery 44, Riverdale Hub, Tangled Art + Disability

Venue Rental: This partnership involves renting our studio space and educational tools/equipment to groups with aligned goals. These groups independently organize and conduct workshops, utilizing our facilities to further their missions. Open Studio supports these initiatives by donating incidental materials such as newsprint and cleaning supplies. This arrangement is perfect for organizations looking to host their own events in a professional printmaking studio.

Past venue renter(s): Community Garden Art Collective

In summary: Venue Rental: Offers paid studio space and equipment rental for independent workshop organization. Studio/Equipment Share: Provides free studio access for partner organizations’ printing projects, requiring independent work capability. Facilitation: May include arranging specific workshops or providing technical support as needed with subcontracted instructors.

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Images above: Tangled Art + Disability taking part in our Studio Share partnership to print posters.