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Printopolis Publication

Printopolis expands the current body of literature on contemporary print culture, exploring graphic media as an ever-evolving field of inquiry, experimentation and artistic practice.” Tara Cooper and Jenn Law, Co-Editors

Printopolis focuses on the critical discourse surrounding the current state of printmaking in Toronto and further afield. Inspired by the 2010 print symposium hosted by Open Studio, the volume considers contemporary print culture from a range of perspectives – collecting, material artifacts and the archive, pedagogy, print technologies, repetition, social activism and intervention, and public space. It also includes essays reflecting on Open Studio’s 45+ year history, as well as artist pages specifically designed for the publication.

Editors: Tara Cooper and Jenn Law
10 x 8.5 in.
302 pgs
ISBN 978-0-09690485-3-4

Special Edition:  only 50 available; includes a portfolio of original prints by:

  • Philippe Blanchard
  • Joscelyn Gardner
  • Libby Hague
  • Penelope Stewart
  • Jeannie Thib
  • Daryl Vocat

Contributor Essays

  • Barbara Balfour: The ‘What’ and the ‘Why’ of Print
  • Tara Cooper: Interview with JP King and Kirsten McCrea
  • Dave Dyment: Short-Lived Phenomena
  • Caroline Langill: Overallness and Technological Tensions in the Work of Three Contemporary Printmakers
  • Jenn Law: Notes From the Margins of Empire
  • Michelle Lewin: Northern Printmaking in Canada: A Case Study of Success
  • Patrick Mahon: The Machine that Makes the Artist, Part 2: Repetition, Education and Artistic Formation
  • Heidi Overhill: Interview with AA Bronson
  • Luke Painter: Interview with Mary Tremonte, Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative
  • Liz Parkinson: Lost and Found: The Recovery of Wonder in Collection and Display
  • Lisa Deanne Smith: Queen Anne’s Lace: Rocky Dobey, Deadboy and Swoon
  • Adam Welch: Collage or Perish: Arranging General Idea’s Printed Matter
  • Kristie MacDonald: The Open Studio Print Archive: Archiving Within An Artist-Run Centre
  • Liz Menard and Terry O’Neill: Mapping 45 Years
  • Richard Sewell: Open Studio Begins 1970-1979
  • Lorna Livey: Memories of Open Studio 1980-1989
  • Yael Brotman: Potluck: A Re-imagined Story Based on True Memories 1990-1999
  • Shannon Gerard: Twenty-Ought-Tickety-Boo, Open Studio in the 00s

Read reviews of Printopolis by Haley Toll in the Canadian Review of Art Education and Jessica Natale Woollard in the National Gallery of Canada magazine.

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