Visiting Artist Residencies

Printer Laine Groeneweg printing for Visiting Artist Derek Sullivan (2011-12)
Through the Visiting Artist Residency program, Open Studio is accessible to all professional artists, with or without printmaking experience, to explore and develop a new body of work through print media. Projects will be scheduled to take place between the months of September and April, starting a minimum of one year following the application deadline. Open Studio has full production facilities and equipment for intaglio, relief, lithography and screenprinting.


Visiting Artists 2019-2020

Kotama Bouabane Meaghan Hyckie Luke Painter Annie Wong

Visiting Artists 2018-2019

Erika DeFreitas Maura Doyle Tina Helen Sidney Masuga

Visiting Artists 2017-2018

Jaime Angelopoulos Panya Clark Espinal Colin Miner Susy Oliveira

Visiting Artists 2016-2017

Daniel Barrow Sameer Farooq Lee Henderson Kathleen Ritter

Visiting Artists 2015-2016

Stephanie Cormier Mario Doucette Liza Eurich Jacob Whibley

Visiting Artists 2014-2015

Hazel Meyer Sasha Pierce Beth Stuart Jim Verburg

Visiting Artists 2013-2014

Katie Bethune-Leamen Roula Partheniou Mitch Robertson Shaan Syed

Visiting Artists 2012-2013

Micah Adams Kristiina Lahde Suzie Smith Alexei Vella

Visiting Artists 2011-2012

Mark Crofton Bell Catherine Lane Tom Ngo Derek Sullivan

Visiting Artists 2010-2011

Caitlin Erskine-Smith Meredith Setser Jennie Suddick Joy Walker

Visiting Artists 2009-2010

Bill Burns Kate McQuillen Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay Greg Staats

Visiting Artists 2008 – 2009

Tine Bech Kai Chan Suzanne Nacha Endi Poskovic

Visiting Artists 2007-2008

Michel Daigneault David Merritt Jaclyn Shoub Robert Truszkowski

Visiting Artists 2006-2007

Diyan Achjadi Michael Caines Karen Henderson Scott Waters

Visiting Artists 2005-2006

Nadine Bariteau Shary Boyle Ben Reeves