Residency Recipients 2022-23

Leila Fatemi Eva Francis-Work Joy Wong Gabrielle Tyrie Sylvat Aziz Rafa Santos Kara Springer

Leila Fatemi

Black, Indigenous, People(s) of Colour Artist Residency Recipient

Leila Fatemi is an artist, curator and community arts worker based in Tkaronto/Toronto. Her work stems from her daily experiences as a visible minority and her perspective as a practicing Muslim woman artist. Fatemi aims to provide platforms and contribute alternative narratives to conversations of ethnic representation with a focus on the experience of Muslim women & women from the MENA region, as well as to create a better understanding and appreciation for Islamic culture and traditions. Through her multi-media approach, she challenges the inherently colonial narratives used in Western traditions of misrepresentation of the East.

Left: Leila Fatemi
Right (artwork): Untitled from the series A Vessel to Bend Water, 2022, screen print on canvas, cyanotype, thread, coins, metal embellishments, wooden dowel, 54″ x 32″.

Eva Francis-Work

Emerging Printmaker Scholarship Residency Recipient

Eva Francis-Work has just concluded her undergraduate studies at the University of Saskatchewan, completing a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and her Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours degrees. These two subject areas have formed the basis for her artwork, each influencing the other with a recent focus on self-expression. Using herself as subject matter, Eva explores ideas of femininity and self-introspection through subtle humour. Eva’s passion lies in printmaking and digital artwork; bringing these passions together has led to more immersive works.

Left: Eva Francis-Work
Right (artwork): at least I’m funny?, 2022, waterless lithography, edition 1/3, 30″ x 44″.

Joy Wong

Hexagon Mid-Career Artist Member Residency Recipient
& Atelier Circulaire Artist Member Exchange Recipient

Joy Wong is an interdisciplinary artist with immigrant settler heritage in Tkaronto/Toronto. Their practice connects material investigations with the shifting physicality of a racialized and queer body. Lately, their work about mutable surfaces has focused on the metaphors of fermentation, disorientation, and the corporeality of migration. They obtained their BFA from York University and their MFA from Western University. Wong has received grants from the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts. They were a finalist for the 2018 RBC Canadian Painting Competition and were the 2019 Pope Artist in Residence at NSCAD.

Left: Joy Wong
Right (artwork): Untitled (a fervid surface 1), 2021, oiled and dried kombucha SCOBY impressed with net design, oil paint, oxidization from copper, thread, wood, approx. 30″ x 40″.

Gabrielle Tyrie

Jeannie Thib Emerging Artist Recipient

Gabrielle Tyrie is a photographer and artist based out of Toronto, Canada. She specializes in cyanotype. As a medium, it connects her to photography’s past and its origins. It is scientific and requires applied technique. She is inspired by materials as a means to explore, art history, science and ideas of femininity. It puts her in conversion with early female photographers as a way to make space for her nuanced contemporary womanhood.

Left: Gabrielle Tyrie
Right (artwork): Untitled Crochet Work, 2022, cyanotype on cotton, synthetic fibre yarns, 8” x 33”.

Sylvat Aziz

Nick Novak Mid-Career Printmaker Residency Recipient

Sylvat Aziz trained at universities in Lahore, Pakistan; Pratt Institute NYC, USA and Concordia, Montreal, Quebec, where she earned undergraduate degrees in the sciences and graduate degrees in comparative literature and visual art. She was awarded the full-year residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts and has held several funded residences in North America, the UK, Europe and South Asia. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally; venues include the Venice Biennale, the Istanbul Symposia,  National Gallery of Pakistan, Art Bank, Canada Council,  Cartwright Hall Bradford England, Nickle Arts Museum, Calgary, Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton and Eicher Gallery, New Delhi.

Her work engages the mythologies and histories of material culture and the visual documents inherent of stressed societies in war and political unrest.

Currently, she bases her research in Cyprus (Nicosia/Kyrenia) and Lahore, Pakistan. She teaches in the Fine Art (Visual Art) Program and is cross-listed with the Department of  Cultural Studies, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario.

Left: Sylvat Aziz
Right (artwork): Detail of Three Block War in a VUCA World, 2018, transfer images on mylar, block prints, ads, oils, 1/1/, 52″ x 57″.

Rafa Santos

Visiting Artist Residency Recipient

Rafa Santos’ work fragments both real and imaginary moments in Caribbean and Mediterranean history with artistic liberty. They address the subject of identity with both a private and a public voice at once. Post-minimalist and undisciplinary in their aesthetic, Santos strives to embed something irrational in the seemingly decipherable composition of their work.

Rafa’s work has been exhibited as part of the AIR Vallauris residency and the Celine Bureau residency, as well as at Concordia University’s FOFA Gallery.

Born in Toronto, raised in Ottawa, of Afro-Dominican and Italo-Canadian descent, Rafa’s artistry is currently based in Montreal.

Left: an image of the artist, Rafa Santos
Right (artwork): Detail of Just Me and You, 2021, My grandparents’ books, pewter, pastel on cotton placemats, found objects. Installation view, dimensions variable.

Kara Springer

Visiting Artist Residency Recipient

Born in Barbados, Kara Springer lives and works in Toronto and New York. Her practice is particularly concerned with armature – the underlying structure that holds the flesh of a body in place. She uses photography, sculpture, and site-specific interventions to confront and engage with architecture, urban infrastructure, and institutional and political power systems. Her work has been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Toronto), Artists Space (New York), the Institute of Contemporary Art (Philadelphia), the National Gallery of the Bahamas, the National Gallery of Jamaica, and the Frankfurt Museum of Applied Arts. She is an alum of the Independent Study Program at the Whitney Museum of American Art and recently held a 2-year fellowship with the Core Program at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

Left: an image of the artist, Kara Springer
Right (artwork): the earth and all its inhabitants, wood, primer, industrial lightbox, cart made of found materials.