Visiting Artists 2006-2007

Diyan Achjadi Michael Caines Karen Henderson Scott Waters
Diyan Achjadi. Printed by Diyan Achjadi with the assistance of Geneviève Jodouin under the auspices of the Visiting Artist Program 2006-2007 at Open Studio.

Diyan Achjadi

In Diyan Achjadi’s work, she looks at representations of militarism and violence in children’s literature, toys and news media. Starting a web project in 2002 entitled Once Upon A Time through to a project called See Girl, the works use images of little girls navigating within candy-pink landscapes that are punctuated with symbols suggestive of apocalyptic doom – gas masks, rifles and fluffy mushroom clouds. During her Visiting Artist residency at Open Studio, she created a large-scale, screenprinted wallpaper project with a continued apocalyptic theme.

The Visiting Artist Program at Open Studio is unique in Canada – some places provide access to printmaking facilities without necessarily also providing the technical assistance, expertise, exhibition opportunity, and publication. The combination of all these things is crucial, as it allows one to develop the work with a specific professional and spatial context in mind.

Through the exhibition, artist talk, and publication, the Program also gave me the opportunity to present my work to a new audience, crucial to the ongoing development of any artist. Additionally, some of the prints completed at this residency have now been exhibited in Vancouver, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. Since my time at Open Studio, I have completed a resi- dency at the Banff Centre, working primarily in silkscreen on a new body of work that continues some of the ideas that I touched upon [at Open Studio]. – Diyan Achjadi, Visiting Artist 2007

Michael Caines. Printed by Daryl Vocat under the auspices of the Visiting Artist Program 2006-2007 at Open Studio.

Michael Caines

Michael Caines has participated in numerous residencies including the Banff Centre for the Arts in 2005, and is trained in expressive arts, which he has taught at the Flemming College in Haliburton, Ontario. Caines has been creating a book-length drawing project over the last year entitled Purgastoria, which explores Caines’ childhood realization of mortality and a desire to more fully explore his relationship to death. The artist personally experienced a series of illnesses that led him to consider the fragility of his own body and inspired his interest in images of the demise and regeneration of the body. During his Visiting Artist residency at Open Studio, Caines created a sequence of screenprints as a limited edition book.

The residency was an excellent opportunity for the development of a new creative direction in my work, and a rare experience in that I had complete access to the excellent resources at the studio. – Michael Caines, Visiting Artist 2007

Karen Henderson. Printed by Jill Graham under the auspices of the Visiting Artist Program 2006-2007 at Open Studio.

Karen Henderson

Karen Henderson received her MFA from the University of Victoria and has exhibited widely in national and international venues including Optica in Montreal (2005) and Hallswalls in Buffalo, New York (2002). Henderson creates work using photography, film and video. In her work there is a kind of condensing of the way that time is registered visually. She has worked with the filmic process where the image or moment changes from one frame to the next and is seen as a time-based experience where it starts, progresses and stops. In her work at Open Studio, she has experimented with multiple photographs using lithography on clear acrylic to create a sense of passing time in a simultaneous way.

Taking part in the process of printmaking, and all the decisions that involves (even the first decision of which print medium was most appropriate to use) was a huge learning experience for me.

My practise has always had a relationship with sameness amongst difference, and seeing all the prints and the uniqueness of each one, even though they came form the exact same source, was an unexpected and welcome element of the project. – Karen Henderson, Visiting Artist 2007

Scott Waters. Printed by Emma Nishimura under the auspices of the Visiting Artist Program 2006-2007 at Open Studio.

Scott Waters

Scott Waters‘ artwork focuses on the often contradictory rites and rituals of violent masculinity. Primarily, these have been painting projects that could be considered akin to Social Realism: with an autobiographical starting point, he uses his personal experience in military service to depict scenes and events which embrace the violent, the deviant and the homosocial all with the end point of investigating manifestations of community. At Open Studio, Waters produced a series in intaglio with chine collé, which refers to the histories of Social Realism and war art while emphasizing a more self-critical role of the artist through the depiction of fights and drunkenness.

Throughout the duration of my residency I was certainly granted the time, resources and support to develop and execute my intaglio-based project. For myself, however, the more important result was the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone as an artist. It was the disconnection from the familiar that was the most valuable aspect of the experience. – Scott Waters, Visiting Artist 2007