Visiting Artists 2007-2008

Michel Daigneault David Merritt Jaclyn Shoub Robert Truszkowski
Michel Daigneault. Printed by Daryl Vocat under the auspices of the Visiting Artist Program 2007-2008 at Open Studio.

Michel Daigneault

Michel Daigneault is a Montreal-born artist working primarily in painting who completed a B.A. in Fine Arts at Concordia University and an M.A. in Art History at the University of Montréal. He has exhibited in a number of solo and group shows across Canada, in the United States and France. His work is represented in many public collections including the National Gallery of Canada, Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, Musée national des beaux arts du Québec, Joliette Museum and the Canada Council Art Bank. As a professor, Daigneault joined York University’s Visual Arts Department in 2002. During his residency at Open Studio with the technical collaboration of artist Daryl Vocat, Daigneault worked in the area of screenprinting to create what he calls a “visual utopia” where abstract vocabularies become figurative. His interest lies in creating new meaning through his combination of symbols and imagery. A text by Matthew Brower accompanied the exhibition.

I was invited to do a residency at Open Studio as a mid-career artist. … I was able to explore new ideas, to develop them while discussing technical issues with the [collaborative artist] and to participate in the creative atmosphere of the studio. – Michel Daigneault, Visiting Artist 2008

David Merritt. Printed by Emma Nishimura under the auspices of the Visiting Artist Program 2007-2008 at Open Studio.

David Merritt

David Merritt works in the areas of drawing and installation. His work has been exhibited in venues across Canada as well as abroad, including the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Textile Museum of Canada and TENT CBK, Rotterdam. He is represented by Jessica Bradley Art and Projects, Toronto. During his residency at Open Studio with the technical collaboration of artist Emma Nishimura, Merritt worked in the area of intaglio to create delicate works on Japanese paper that explore and exhaust his inventory of popular song titles from the last 100 years. A text by David Poolman accompanied the exhibition.

Adopting drypoint offered a degree of intensity and lightness to the work that I could not have achieved with the drawing approaches with which I was previously accustomed. Perhaps most important though in such adventures are the unanticipated outcomes. Having blindly ventured into the strange world of deliberately scratching metal surfaces to produce images has since lead me to a new drawing project, one using the vocabulary of incised marks on large sheets of lead as an end in itself. – David Merritt, Visiting Artist 2008

Jaclyn Shoub. Printed by Jill Graham under the auspices of the Visiting Artist Program 2007-2008 at Open Studio.

Jaclyn Shoub

Jacyln Shoub has a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and BA and BSc from the University of Guelph. Her work has been exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally including: Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, Ottawa, ON; Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery, Owen Sound, ON; and the Art Gallery of Mississauga, Mississauga, ON. Shoub is represented by Wynick/Tuck Gallery, Toronto and Gallery Page and Strange, Halifax. Shoub’s previous work, a hybrid of photography and painting, thematically encompasses the physical and emotional transition between the urban and rural landscape usually incorporating photo-based imagery of industrial parks, highways and sub-divisions. Continuing to explore these issues, Shoub worked collaboratively during her residency with artist Jill Graham to produce a series of large-scale photo-based lithographs featuring the landscape and architectural elements common to airports. Shoub considers this engineered landscape as a transitory zone where passengers surrender autonomy, leading to a heightened sense of anxiety and uncertainty. A text by Greg Staats accompanied the exhibition.

My experience at Open Studio was totally positive and I feel it is not only a great addition to the Toronto visual art community, but a necessary one. It affords artists the opportunity to work in new ways, with facilities that would not normally be available to us. The Visiting Artist Program ended with an exhibition of the work and artis’ts talk, which was also a very positive and valuable experience for me. – Jaclyn Shoub, Visiting Artist 2008

Robert Truszkowski. Printed by the artist with the assistance of Eric Mathew under the auspices of the Visiting Artist Program 2007-2008 at Open Studio.

Robert Truszkowski

Robert Truszkowski has an MFA from Concordia University and BFA from Queen’s University. His work has been included in solo and group exhibitions including: Galerie d’art St. Ambroise, Montreal, QC; John Sommers Gallery, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM; and the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax, NS. Truszkowski works in a variety of media including traditional and digital print media, painting, photography and video and was a finalist in the 2003 New Canadian Painting Competition. During his residency, Truszkowski with the assistance of artist Eric Mathew produced intaglio prints that continued his exploration of issues related to the production, dissemination and consumption of information. A text by Eric Mathew accompanied the exhibition.

Open Studio is synonymous with contemporary printmaking both in Canada and internationally, so to be part of its programming is a considerable feather in my cap. … I was made to feel genuinely supported upon my arrival in a way that eased any trepidation about working in a new environment, with unfamiliar people; the kind of welcome and transition that allowed me to get right to work. The palpable sense of community is what drew me to printmaking as a student in the first place, and Open Studio has certainly managed to capture this feeling and get it right. – Robert Truszkowski, Visiting Artist 2008