Visiting Artists 2008 – 2009

Tine Bech Kai Chan Suzanne Nacha Endi Poskovic
Tine Bech, Water trees I, lithograph, 2008. Printed by Shawn Reynar under the auspices of the Visiting Artist Program 2008-2009 at Open Studio.

Tine Bech

Tine Bech is a Danish artist based in London, England, who works in installation, sound, sculpture and drawing. She has exhibited widely including exhibitions in Denmark, Germany, Norway, Russia, the UK and the United States, and she was previously artist in residence at Artscape’s Gibraltar Point International Artist Residency on Toronto Island. She is currently on a Research Sabbatical from the University for the Creative Arts (Farnham, England). Bech’s work explores the membrane between the body and the world. During her residency at Open Studio, Bech worked with the technical collaboration of artist Shawn Reynar to translate her drawings—which utilize rain as a technique for mark making—into lithographs.

My residency and exhibition at Open Studio were fantastic opportunities to experiment with new techniques, translating my thinking and drawings into beautiful prints. Shawn, my brilliant printer, allowed me to be in doubt and at full speed at the same time. It was a fruitful collaboration between my print innocence and his expertise – “very experimental” as I overheard him explaining to someone. I really enjoyed being at Open Studio – the people and the big open space. Artists need more of your kind! – Tine Bech, Visiting Artist 2008

Kai Chan, Seaweed and other Floating Things, screenprint on Japanese keno and shoji natural paper, 97 x 252 cm, 2009. Printed by Daryl Vocat under the auspices of the Visiting Artist Program 2008-2009 at Open Studio.

Kai Chan

Kai Chan is a textile artist living and working in Toronto. He has exhibited across Canada, the United States, Japan, Australia and Europe. He has received numerous grants from the Canada Council and Ontario Arts Council and awards including the Jean A. Chalmers National Crafts Award (1998), and the Saidye Bronfman Award for Excellence in the Fine Crafts (2002). He is represented by David Kaye Gallery in Toronto, Galerie Elena Lee in Montréal and Galerie Ra in Amsterdam.

The Open Studio residence has open a huge window in my creativity which I didn’t know I have. – Kai Chan, Visiting Artist 2009

Suzanne Nacha, the indifferent: double articulation (black), 1/1 screenprint, 22×30”, 2008. Printed by the artist with the assistance of Daryl Vocat under the auspices of the Visiting Artist Program 2008-2009 at Open Studio.

Suzanne Nacha

Toronto artist Suzanne Nacha works “in and against” painting. Her work makes connections between a human experience of the landscape that surrounds us and the earth as a physical body, endlessly evolving. She has exhibited widely in Toronto and across Canada, and internationally in Germany and the United States. With undergraduate degrees in Geology and Fine art and an MFA from York University, Nacha has taught in the Fine Art departments of OCAD, Sheridan/ UTM and York University, and for the past fifteen years has worked in the mining industry. During her residency at Open Studio, Nacha worked with the technical collaboration of artist Daryl Vocat, to create screenprinted monoprints, using imagery abstracted from her paintings of underground spaces such as catacombs and tunnels.

An invitation to participate in the Visiting Artist Program at Open Studio provided me the opportunity to rethink my image making process. Unfamiliar with sceenprinting, I was surprised to find that the planning and preparation I so often associated with the medium, could as easily give way to such unexpected results. As a painter involved in creating imagery that hovers between representation and abstraction, I saw this experimental process as an invaluable way for me to rid my work of ‘unnecessary visual baggage.’ Moving forward, I hope to utilize the generation of mono-screenprints as part of an ongoing ‘testing ground’ for image making. – Suzanne Nacha, Visiting Artist 2008

Endi Poskovic, Untitled iceberg, stone lithograph in one color, 16″ x 21″, 2009. Printed by Jill Graham under the auspices of the Visiting Artist Program 2008-2009 at Open Studio.

Endi Poskovic

Endi Poskovic (b. Sarajevo, Bosnia, 1969) is a graduate of Sarajevo School of Music (Primary Music Diploma 1982-86), Sarajevo School of Applied Arts (Diploma in Fine Arts 1983-86), University of Sarajevo Academy of Fine Arts (BFA 1986-90), and State University of New York at Buffalo (MFA 1991-93). He has represented the US in virtually all major international print biennials and triennials and is the recipient of numerous grants, fellowships and prizes and his works are in numerous public collections in the US and abroad. He has been on faculty at universities across the US, has lectured extensively as a visiting artist throughout the US and abroad, and is currently tenured Associate Professor of Art at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor School of Art and Design and CREES Faculty Associate in the University of Michigan’s Center for Russian and East European Studies.

The visiting artist residency brought me back to the core of making prints and helped me make a transition between my past life in California and the new challenges and opportunities in my new place. This was realized through the extraordinary support of artists and staff at the Open Studio and it came to full fruition in my new series of lithographic prints. I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity. – Endi Poskovic, Visiting Artist 2009