Visiting Artists 2011-2012

Mark Crofton Bell Catherine Lane Tom Ngo Derek Sullivan
Mark Crofton Bell, Crime Spree. Aquatint, sugarlift, open bite on paper 8″ x 12″, 2011. Printed by Laine Groeneweg under the auspices of the Open Studio Visiting Artist Residency, 2011-12.

Mark Crofton Bell

Mark Crofton Bell (Toronto, ON) graduated with an AOCA from the Ontario College of Art and Design, and an MFA from the Chelsea College of Art and Design (London, UK). He has exhibited widely in Canada and abroad, has received numerous grants and awards and has participated in a variety of artist residencies. The process of transforming photography into painting is one of Bell’s primary concerns. He collects images from a variety of sources, which function as a kind of notebook of personal observation and become source material for Bell’s paintings. The subject of these images is often fragmented or fleeting, a decidedly odd perspective of the urban world, absences and interruptions of otherwise ordinary scenes. These photographs act as a starting point for his work and what begins as copying soon becomes interpretation. Eventually the photograph is abandoned altogether as the artist tries to resolve the work in terms of what each composition requires.

To those of us who are not printmakers, the world of print appears as a rarified practice filled with obscure terminology and complex systems performed on technology from a different era. To the outsider this perception can make it difficult to find inroads to the medium. The Visiting Artist Program at Open Studio was the bridge that gave me the opportunity not just to enter this world, but to participate in it fully.
– Mark Crofton Bell, Visiting Artist 2011-12

Catherine Lane, detail from the Farm Series, screenprints on paper 30″ x 22″, 2011. Printed by Daryl Vocat under the auspices of the Open Studio Visiting Artist Residency, 2011-12.

Catherine Lane

Catherine Lane (Toronto, ON) completed her BFA and MFA at York and has exhibited widely at venues in Canada and abroad. Through the use of drawing-based installation, Lane’s current studio practice focuses on the idea of the multiplicity of fragmented storytelling, where connections and conclusions are not definitive, but where the focus is instead placed on the numerous possibilities of what the story can be. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional surfaces are used as a base for ink and watercolour drawings, which depict the characters and the more action-oriented or fantastical elements of the narrative. These stories are both non-linear and wordless. Ideally, this form of storytelling serves as an exploratory narrative, where the viewer/reader analyzes the given images, actively discovering and piecing together their own story.

The Open Studio residency is one that is very unique in that it allows artists without printmaking backgrounds to experiment and complete a print-based project with the studio’s technical assistance. I had a great experience working with Open Studio and truly feel lucky to have had such an opportunity. – Catherine Lane, Visiting Artist 2011-12

Tom Ngo, Alpha (Plan), screenprint on paper, 19″ x 24″, 2012. Printed by Joseph Sui under the auspices of the Open Studio Visiting Artist Residency, 2011-12.

Tom Ngo

After receiving his Master’s of Architecture at Carleton University, Tom Ngo began to explore architectural representation in the field of art. Tom has since been working as a mixed media artist and is currently represented by LE Gallery in the city of Toronto. Concurrently, Tom produces designs and concepts for the esteemed office of Moriyama & Teshima. Keeping current with architectural practice helps inform the art that Tom creates — melding it with his work to shape a critical outlook on contemporary art and architecture. Ngo’s work employs absurdity and nonsense as a means of questioning the logic of building design.

The residency was extremely balanced in terms of allowing one to explore, provided the necessary funding for the creation of the work and did a great job promoting and producing the support materials. The result was a very professional exhibition and body of work and I would recommend this program to anyone interested in exploring printmaking as Open Studio truly is one of the premiere facilities for printmaking in Canada. – Tom Ngo, Visiting Artist 2011-12

Derek Sullivan, Eager, Guilty, Free, Reserved, woodcut on Kozuke, 25" x 37", 2012. Printed by Laine Groeneweg under the auspices of the Open Studio Visiting Artist Residency, 2011-12

Derek Sullivan

Derek Sullivan is a Toronto-based artist. Recent solo exhibitions include Albatross Omnibus at The Power Plant, Toronto and Young Americans at KIOSK in Ghent, Belgium (both 2011), and his work is included in the collection of the National Gallery of Canada. His collaboration with Gareth Long, The Illustrated Dictionary of Received Ideas, has been performed at numerous venues including PS.1, Queens, NY; Art Metropole, Toronto; Artexte, Montréal; and Wiels, Brussels. Sullivan was recently short-listed for the 2012 Sobey Art Award.