Visiting Artists 2018-2019

Erika DeFreitas Maura Doyle Tina Helen Sidney Masuga
Erika DeFreitas, 'to bestow / to absorb (back)', 2019, photo-lithograph on kozuke paper, edition 1/8, 25” x 18.5”. Printed by Pudy Tong under the auspices of the Open Studio Visiting Artist Residency Program, 2018-19.

Erika DeFreitas

Erika DeFreitas is a Scarborough-based multidisciplinary conceptual artist. Placing an emphasis on process, gesture and documentation, her work explores the influence of language and loss on the formation of identity with the use of textile-based works and performative actions, which are photographed. DeFreitas has shown nationally and internationally, including Project Row Houses and the Museum of African American Culture, Houston, the Art Gallery of York University, Toronto, and the Art Gallery of Mississauga. She has participated in artist residencies in Trinidad and Winnipeg. She was a recipient of the Toronto Friends of Visual Artist’ 2016 Finalist Artist Prize, the 2016 John Hartman Award, and longlisted for the 2017 Sobey Art Award. DeFreitas holds a Master of Visual Studies from the University of Toronto.

Maura Doyle, 'Vitruvian Woman (Flesh Knot)', 2019, screenprint, 29 ⅞" x 22”. Printed by Pudy Tong under the auspices of the Open Studio Visiting Artist Residency Program, 2018-19.

Maura Doyle

Maura Doyle lives and works in Ottawa. Her multidisciplinary practice has included video, ceramics, sculpture, printed matter and drawing. Her most recent work, titled Gone: Removed public art in Ottawa / Anishinaabeg Aki is an artist’s publication commissioned by the Ottawa Art Gallery. She has exhibited her work across Canada in artist-run centres and art institutions, as well as internationally in New York, Japan, Sweden and Vienna. Doyle is represented by Paul Petro Contemporary Art in Toronto (

Frisk Flugt, 'Floatonomy (Sea of the free) & Floatonomy (Healfleet)', 2018, lithography, each 18" x 24". Printed with the assistance of Jess Palmer under the auspices of the Open Studio Visiting Artist Residency Program, 2018-19.

Tina Helen

Tina Helen is a visual artist based in Copenhagen. Her artistic practice proposes a synthesis of the practical and the theoretical in the understanding and production of images. She is engaged with questions of urban politics, power structures (economic, social or psychological), image politics, cognitive capital, self-schooling, refusal, migration, autism, autonomy, collective forms of being, escape and issues of artistic practice and organization. Engaged on a personal and political level, she explores ways to bring together the fields of visual art, knowledge production and activism.

Tina Helen holds an MFA in Critical & Pedagogical Studies from Malmö Art Academy (2011-2013) and an MA in Visualization from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design (2000-2006). She has been an artist in residency at Skaftfell Residency Program in Iceland, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Kunsthuis SYB in The Netherlands and Townhouse Gallery in Cairo. Previous projects include: Workshops at Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, MMCC Culture house in Kabul and SAWA-Outreach program in Cairo; exhibitions at Critical Distance in Toronto, Vejle Art Museum, Minuit Vernissage in Copenhagen and solo exhibitions at Hospital Prison University Archive and Danske Grafikere in Copenhagen; as well as contributions to numerous art and critical theory publications. She is a part of the critical visual collective Frisk Flugt, and the art collective FACTORY WORKERS UNITE. Tina Helen is artist in residence at Open Studio as a part of the collective Frisk Flugt.

Sidney Masuga, '5:30 pm', 2019, screenprint, edition of 10, 30” x 22”. Printed by Nicholas Shick under the auspices of the Open Studio Visiting Artist Residency Program, 2018-19.

Sidney Masuga

Sidney Masuga is an interdisciplinary artist working between digital and analogue mediums; she holds a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Coming from a background in illustration her work utilizes symbol, form and abstraction to articulate her interests in language women’s history, data analysis and metaphysics. Places of recent exhibition include Art Metropole (Toronto, ON), Redline (Denver, Colorado), The Kitchenette (Toronto, ON) and Sea Foam (Toronto, ON).