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Shogo Okada in Action: Live Screenprint Demonstrations at Editions 2016

Shogo Okada. Photo by Justin Eastman

Written by Cheryl Kaplan

Shogo Okada’s work is a fascinating glimpse into the considerations of an artist born and raised in the 80’s and 90’s in Japan. Raised on both Eastern and Western animation, he manages to establish a connection among contemporary cultures, such as hip-hop and youth culture, with a nod to the histories and ethos of both.

Shogo Okada
Featured demo print at Editions 2016, (Preparatory digital sketch of work in progress – finished print may vary), $200.

He was born in Japan, and arrived in Canada five years ago with his unique prints, exploring the world of print and digital media, with a focus on animation and cartoons. Okada is inspired by an array of sources: comic books, animation, TV shows, outdoor advertising, as well as found objects and various architectural styles. Okada creates new works with hints to the original sources using hand drawing, collage and the silkscreen printing process. The resulting work has a strong impact of abstraction, utilizing strong fields of colour with familiar elements shifting locations through a body of work.

Today, you will likely find Okada in the screenprinting section of Open Studio, where he is an artist member, or Atelier Circulaire when he’s in Montreal. Both he and Open Studio were recently featured in an article about collecting original
prints in the Globe & Mail.

You can watch Shogo Okada in action during live silkscreen demonstrations on May 5th at Open Studio’s Signature Fundraising event, Editions 2016. You’ll also be able to purchase the print he’s making live for just $200. But once the prints he makes that night are sold out, they’re gone, so buying it at Editions might be your only option.

Photo of Shogo Okada by Jordan Eastman.

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