How to Access the Studio & Become a Member

Located in the renowned historic arts building, 401 Richmond, suite 104, Open Studio’s expansive and well-equipped 6,000 sq/ft studio has production facilities and equipment for relief, intaglio, screenprinting, lithography (including photo-based processes), and basic computer equipment.

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How to Access the Studio / Become a Member

Open Studio is a member-based, artist-run centre. Artists from Canada and abroad enjoy many benefits of membership, including discounted studio rental rates, exhibitions, fellowships and professional development opportunities.

To access the printmaking studio facilities, an artist must have sufficient technical knowledge to work in the studio independently and safely. This is assessed in a portfolio evaluation meeting with the Technical Director, who will review your experience in printmaking and get a sense of your technical abilities. Those interested should email or call 416-504-8238 to set up a portfolio review. Newly approved individuals will pay a one-time new member access fee of $25 and a yearly membership fee of $75.

Our studio functions on an open access principle and although the technical staff is here during regular office hours they do not work one-on-one with artists in the studio and are not available outside of office hours; therefore, we must be assured that renters are capable of working safely and independently in our space. Our members generally have the equivalent of a BFA in printmaking, or have taken our 8-week classes anywhere from one to three times to learn the fundamentals of the print media in which they wish to work to qualify as a member. Prospective members are expected to have actively practiced the print media they wish to work in at Open Studio within the last 5 years.

During your portfolio review, the Technical Director will look at your work, to get a sense of your technical abilities (this is not an aesthetic judgement), so please try to bring work that demonstrates your abilities in the area(s) of the studio you wish to access. Your portfolio should consist of 6-10 pieces of original print work only (no slides/digital images please). If you wish to work in more than one area of the studio please bring 6-10 pieces for each medium.

Should you be accepted as a new member you will be asked to work as often as possible during technical staff hours (Monday – Friday, 10:00am to 5:00pm) until you are fully initiated into our procedures at Open Studio. After 6 weeks of regular studio use new members are eligible to request keys and an alarm code and from then on will have full 24-hour access. If this poses a problem in terms of scheduling please let us know right away so we can discuss possible options.