Studio Rental Rates

Studio Rental Period Rate Per Day
Day* $50 $50
5 Day Booklet* $200 $40
Week $100 $14.29
Month $200 $6.57
6 Month $750 $4.11
Year** $1,200 $3.29
Flat File Drawer $75/yr
Storage Locker $75/yr

*    Day passes can be cut in half, resulting in two 4hr passes.
**  Year may be paid in 12 instalments of $100/mon, with scheduled credit card payments.

Terms and Conditions

  • Following studio approval from the Technical Director, users must pay a $75 annual membership fee to be granted access for studio rental.
  • One month passes run a consecutive 30 days.
  • Multi-month passes must run consecutively.
  • Individual day passes expire one year from time of purchase.
  • All facility rental purchases are final sale.
  • Open Studio does not issue refunds, credits or substitutions for any unused portions of pre-paid rental purchases.
  • Open Studio does not provide replacements for unused, lost or stolen day passes.
  • Prices are subject to change.
Studio rent covers all in-house materials such as acids, solvents, cleaning solutions, rags, and any other chemicals required. Click here for a full list of which supplies are covered by the rental fee.The studio rental rates do not exceed the operating costs of the studio and therefore are exempt from tax.Open Studio sells printmaking supplies to the general public. Please call 416-504-8238 or email for prices and availability.