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Printopolis Publication

“Printopolis expands the current body of literature on contemporary print culture, exploring graphic media as an ever-evolving field of inquiry, experimentation and artistic practice.” Tara Cooper and Jenn Law, Co-Editors Printopolis focuses on the critical discourse surrounding the current state of printmaking in Toronto and further afield. Inspired by the 2010 print symposium hosted by […]

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New Project: Community Supported Art

Community Supported Art (or CSA) is a new collaborative fundraiser between Gallery 44 and Open Studio. Based on community supported agriculture initiatives, this model of support connects arts institutions with patrons in order to collectively build sustainability. Subscribers receive two works of art over the course of the year. Becoming a CSA subscriber is an […]

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Art Consultations: A Guide for New Buyers

Written by Pamela Quiroga   For the uninitiated, buying a piece of original art can seem intimidating. I know from personal experience. As an art lover who had yet to take the leap, I always assumed I didn’t know enough about art to buy it, or that art ownership was beyond my reach, financially. In […]