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New Project: Community Supported Art

Community Supported Art (or CSA) is a new collaborative fundraiser between Gallery 44 and Open Studio. Based on community supported agriculture initiatives, this model of support connects arts institutions with patrons in order to collectively build sustainability. Subscribers receive two works of art over the course of the year. Becoming a CSA subscriber is an […]

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Tim Pitsiulak Brings Talent South to OS

Written by Chris Jones Inuit artist Tim Pitsiulak, above, has been working at Open Studio for the past week-and-a-half with master screen printer Nick Shick and assistant Miles Ingrassia, below, as part of a special artist residency arranged by Dorset Fine Arts in conjunction with Open Studio. All three artists will deliver what promises to […]

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Getting the scoop on Jeanette Nguyen

Written by Laine Groeneweg After a little time away from the blog, I managed to free up a bit of time and catch up with artist member, Jeanette Nguyen to get the scoop on her printmaking approach and what’s behind her unique sense of style and image making.  Here’s what she had to share…   […]

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Photo Emulsion: Taking the Plunge

Written by Chris Jones In week three, screenprinting class got really interesting. It was at this point that instructor Meggan Winsley introduced us to photo emulsion and exposure, which allowed us to capture photographic quality images without drawing or tracing. The process is complicated and the equipment is costly, which is another reason Open Studio […]

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Print and Learn

Written by Chris Jones In week two of Screenprinting we graduated from simple paper stencils to painting images on our screens. And in case that wasn’t challenging enough, instructor Meggan Winsley asked us to combine two complimentary images that could be overlayed, one top of the other. This approach, using drawing fluid and screen filler, […]

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Screenprinting 101

Written by Chris Jones Even simple creative projects can be immensely satisfying: that’s a lesson I re-learned last Tuesday at my first Open Studio water-based screenprinting class. Which is not to suggest that all our class projects will be simple. Instructor Meggan Winsley, above, kicked things off by showing us examples of the kind of […]