Open Studio at CDECA Art Alley, Old Mill Inn, Toronto

Open Studio at CDECA Art Alley, Old Mill Inn, Toronto

Date: April 24, 2017 | Time: 9:30 am - 4:00 pm

The Open Studio Print Sales Gallery presents a selection of original fine art prints at the Canadian Decorators Association (CDECA) Art Alley, April 24, 2017, 9:30 am – 4:00 pm, at the Old Mill Inn, Toronto, Ontario. This is an exclusive exhibition and sale of prints curated from work in the Print Sales Gallery by Astrid Ho, Open Studio Print Sales and Archive Manager. Invited by CDECA, Open Studio will showcase various contemporary fine art prints by 59 artists. The Art Alley will take place during the organization’s annual general meeting and awards gala. Tickets are $125 each and all proceeds go to CDECA. Go to the CDECA website for additional information about this event.

Artists represented at the CDECA Art Alley:

Anne Abbass, Sally Ayre, Mary Baranowski-Lowden, Yael Brotman, Mark Bovey, Sarka Buchl-Stephensen, Jane Buyers, Wendy Cain, Sean Caulfield, Carlina Chen, Tara Cooper, Susan Cunningham, Karen Curry, Elizabeth D’Agostino, Steven Dixon, Pamela Dodds, Erik Edson, Alysa Beth Engel, Estate of Aiko Suzuki, Elizabeth Forrest, Susan Fothergill, Nancy Fox, Laine Groeneweg, Isabelle Hémard, Astrid Ho, Diane Jutras, Brian Kelley, Jenn Law, Judith Klugerman, Lorna Livey, Jane LowBeer, Ann McCall, Eva McCauley, Liz Menard, Theresa Morin, Steven Murray, Suzanne Nacha, Shogo Okada, Loree Ovens, Liz Parkinson, Walter Procska, Parvaneh Radmard, Tammy Ratcliff, Elena Roginsky, Irina Schestakowich, Bernice Sorge, Wendy Morosoff Smith, Dan Steeves, Penelope Stewart, Otis Tamasauskas, Dana Tosic, Celeste Toogood, Ann Unger, Amy Uyeda, Laura Widmer, Annette Wolfstein-Joseph, Janice Wong, Leszek Wyczolkowski, and Laurie Zinkand-Selles.

Photos of artwork courtesy of Steven Murray, Suzanne Nacha, Liz Parkinson, and Wendy Morosoff Smith. Suzanne Nacha’s print was printed by Daryl Vocat under the auspices of the Open Studio Visiting Artist Residency 2008.

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