The Printmaker at the Stantec Window Gallery

The Printmaker (detail), featuring work by: Alex R.M. Thompson (top left), Pudy Tong (top right), Annyen Lam (bottom left) and Victoria Day (bottom right and overlay image), 2018. Mixed media.

The Printmaker at the Stantec Window Gallery

Date: | Time: On display now at 401 Wellington St W, Toronto until December

The Printmaker, is a collaborative print project featuring eight Open Studio Artist Members and will be on display this fall at the Stantec Window Gallery.

The Concept behind The Printmaker

“Cadavre exquis” or “exquisite corpse” started as a surrealist parlour game and has evolved to become a significant approach to collaborative art making. The power of the exquisite corpse methodology is how creative connections are made through surprising links in line, form and contingent expression. The Printmaker is created using an “exquisite corpse” inspired process, consisting of eight parts created by eight different artists, using a variety of printmaking techniques.

The Printmaker exemplifies the creative outcomes so valued by the surrealists: chance, collaboration and spontaneity. The print is started by an individual artist and then handed over to the next collaborator. The pieces are tied together by a large outlined figure (the printmaker) holding a variety of printmaking tools.

Ultimately, The Printmaker epitomizes the creative, collaborative process that is an abiding principle of Open Studio’s mission.

Artists Featured:
Victoria Day
Annyen Lam
Arwen Giel
Mathieu Goupil-Lemay
Alex R.M. Thompson
Pudy Tong
Brianna Tosswill
Meggan Winsley


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