Group Exhibition: Cut. Woven. Folded.

Judith Klugerman, Crete XXI, 2009, etching and collagraph on paper and wire, image: 35 "x24" framed 43" x 32”, $ 2,500.

Annyen Lam, #636 (flop), 2017, 4" x 7" x 3.8", lithographic monoprint, hand-cut paper.

Project Space
Group Exhibition: Cut. Woven. Folded.

March 24, 2017 – April 22, 2017

Cut. Woven. Folded. is a group exhibition featuring artists Judith Klugerman, Annyen Lam and Ann Unger. The three artists use traditional printmaking techniques such as intaglio and lithography as the basis of their artwork. Each artist transforms their print through different techniques such as paper cutting, folding and weaving. The artists create unconventional prints with a range of subject matters that address the everyday object, library pockets, and travel.

Judith Klugerman’s woven prints often recalls, in an abstract way, colors and textures of places that she visited. These images engraved in her memory are re-invented in her etchings, print tapestries and paintings. They crop up as overlapping layers of color, subtle linear markings and traces of poetry.

Annyen Lam’s hand-cut paperworks capture a simple moment in time or an isolated image of an object in motion. Excerpted from her Tiny Blades Project, which began on March 18, 2015, this selection of papercuts are delicate in their details and imaginative in nature.

The folded prints on Japanese paper by Ann Unger are from a new suite of prints entitled Library Book Pocket Series exploring the Dewey Decimal Classification System (DDC) used in libraries. Ann explores images from two sets of DDCs, the 400-499 languages category, and the 500-599 sciences and mathematics category, capturing images that are both personal and universal.